Don’t let the build up make you end up having a horrible time!

We always build things up in our head about how they should go! I am going to wear this and look like this. I will do this and have this and go to this…then when the plans change we are disappointed because it isn’t how we thought it would/should go. Get over those plans of how it should be!! Live in the moment and just be happy you are alive to experience all of these different moments/memories/ups and downs!

Get how tonight, tomorrow, even 2015 for that matter should go and just live in the present!

HAPPY 2015! I hope it is a wonderful year for you!

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We all want to be Barbie! And WHY? Because that “bitch has everything”!

We all want to be Barbie! And WHY? Because that “bitch has everything”!

She has her own dance workout routine, dvd/movies, never ages, a hot boyfriend that doesn’t age and sits back and worships her, loads of money, any outfit she wants, lots of BFF’S… OHHH and let’s see her hair is thick long and beautiful, she has perfect white teeth, big boobs, a flat stomach, and fabulous legs…. OH and her makeup is always perfect! Why wouldn’t I want to be her? Because she/her life isn’t real! Nothing is perfect! I will never have the perfect body, hair, teeth, friends, etc…It doesn’t matter if I have lip injections, boob jobs, braces, extensions, spray tans, liposuction…I WILL NEVER BE PERFECT!

Real life isn’t Barbie’s life! Real life will have its ups and downs – that is what makes you a stronger, better, and more unique person! When you look at others and try to compare – STOP! and DON’T! Realize how precious and wonderful life is and know that it will be a roller coaster ride and that  is okay! It is YOUR life. It is a UNIQUE life. It is way better than Barbie’s if you really look at it! What a WONDERFUL, CRAZY, NOT PERFECT AT ALL LIFE!!

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Start the New Year Right!!

This is sooo True! You WOULDN’T eat packet after packet of sugar but you will drinks tons of sugary drinks all day!

THINK! Where is all that sugar going?

Put all the extra Christmas food in the trash and go to the grocery store! Start eating healthy today! Make the change TODAY!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Today I am headed to my moms for Christmas with my family and then we will be at our house on Christmas Day and Russell’s family that night so we are crazy busy just like you guys are for the next 24/36 hours!

I just wanted to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! Enjoy your family you never know this could be your last Christmas with specific loved ones! Enjoy that crazy uncle Joe or your mom’s remarks about why you aren’t married or pregnant or the annoying aunt – whatever it is!!! RELAX! Take a deep breath and embrace the pure craziness around you!!! 

I am relaxing at my mom’s enjoying the company of my family! This day is my favorite day of the year! It is better than Christmas Day because I see my family joining together as one and the excitement of being with each other and eating Momma’s special food, unwrapping gifts, watching a Christmas Story….it is all glorious! What a special time and I will always embrace the memories we are making!

Lots of Love to all of you and your families! 

Tis’ the Season


Christmas is right around the corner!! Tis’ the season to fill your belly! Try to focus on eating what you want but watch your proportions! Also, one of my favorites is to bring a healthy dish like fruit, salad, etc… and eat A LOT of that then the rest be some of the goodies I want!  I also only let myself eat whatever I want on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day after that it is back to normal! Good Luck and plan your strategy for the upcoming holidays!

Work it out!! Even if you ate too much and will eat more AT LEAST WORKOUT!


Go workout! I know it is the holiday season but two wrongs don’t make a right! So even if you eat bad keep working out that way you only have one change to make and that’s getting back to eating healthy. When you have to change from not working out to hitting the gym and change eating crap to eating healthy  it is really really hard! Keep up the workouts so that when the holiday is over all you have to fix is your food habits!