Put on your armor and go into the battle

We all have battles. Some of those battles are with weight, depression, food, family, friends, co-workers, work, bosses, physical aliments, mental issues, and so forth.

Think of the battle you are going through right now and decide to get your head right. Decide to put your armor on and go in that battle prepared. 

Evil wants power, sadness, and darkness but the warriors who do good will not allow this. Evil can not destroy you if you walk under the shield of God. There is power in the blood of Christ. Say that to yourself, face your fears, and  realize you have nothing to fear. Evil does not understand good, love, and kindness. 

You can give up and lose the battle OR you can get your head and heart right and fight!

Whatever your battle is, put on your armor and be prepared to fight today. Have faith in God. He will get you through this battle and know at some point things WILL get better!

My mom didn’t realize it but she helped me write some of this post with her encouraging words.

thanks to hotflick.net and screenrant.com


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