Opportunities come our way everyday!

Think about it! Whether it is with my kid’s school, friends, work, and so forth I constantly have an invite to do something! 

The problem isn’t saying YES, I always want to say YES! BUT I start stretching myself thin if I always say YES! It is easy to say YES and hard to say NO! If we say NO we think we are letting people down and being harsh. That isn’t the case “most of the time”. I am only one person I can only do so much! So I have to keep that in mind when opportunities arise. I would love to say yes to all of them but it is just not possible. The earlier on we realize this the better our lives will be. We will “disappoint” somebody at some point. I have to remember what is important and that comes first! 

With the holidays coming up we are all a little stressed and running like a chicken with its head cut off. Say YES because it is the “giving” season but also KEEP IT MIND to say NO when needed! Don’t make your life so stressed by saying yes so much that you miss this beautiful life God has given us!– thanks for gif


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