How many times a day do we try to win the approval of people?

I had to throw this mean girl quote in here! Toooo Funny! Thanks celeb quotes!

How many times a day do we try to win the approval of people?

Why are we so focused about pleasing others?

Does it really matter what Jim/Kim/Bob think of us? Shouldn’t our goal be to please God not our next door neighbor?

I grew up a people pleaser, I am the third child so I don’t like a lot of confrontations and would just say/do whatever to please people so we could all move on. As I mature and become older and a little wiser I started to realize you can never please everybody. It is just not going to happen!! ALSO, If I am always worried about pleasing everybody else how in the world do I ever find the true me? I can’t if I am always doing whatever everybody else expects and wants.

I started thinking and even though I fight it I still do try to win the approval of people. Whether it is something with Beck or Noah’s school, church,  work, clubs/organizations, my social life – I am still trying to please and do. To a degree I AM!! WHAT!!! I have always told myself it doesn’t matter what people think and so forth BUT I realized that sometimes I still try to win approval from people. I believe it is just in our nature!! We want everybody to say she is the best mom, she is the best dresser, she is the best wife, she is so good at her job….we look for that approval! I KNOW and GOD KNOWS I am the best mom I can be, the best wife, etc.. 

I need to make sure that when I do something I don’t do it to win the approval of people around me. The only person that I should really look to for approval is God. His approval is the only one that matters or that I need.


2 thoughts on “How many times a day do we try to win the approval of people?

  1. Well said! When I do things, it’s because it’s (what I feel) is the right thing to do. Sometimes that means doing things that aren’t popular and not pleasing to others. It’s just life sometimes.

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