Going, Going, Going – CRASH

Well Happy Monday Everyone!

Why would you say that? Monday’s are horrible!!!! haha RELAX! They aren’t as terrible as you make them out to be!! Be glad first off that you are alive and can see another Monday! Think of Monday as a good day to start a new thing! You can try to be a better you this week!

This weekend was a good weekend because I didn’t do ANYTHING! Friday night we took the boys trick or treating and has a blast! Saturday we just hung around the house and Russell took Beck to a birthday party then the local college (Delta State) football game! Noah and I just hung out at the condo since it was so chilly out! Sunday we went to church, the club to eat, and then we rode 4-wheelers for a bit (yes I realize at 16/17 weeks pregnant this isn’t the best thing, but I go S-L-O-W). It was the first weekend in a very long time we weren’t on the go! Go here, do this, do that- yadadada. It was very nice!

What is my whole reasoning telling you about my weekend you ask?? Because I don’t think we realize it but sometimes our bodies just need a BREAK! We go and do so much that we exhaust ourselves! We need to appreciate those down times and realize how precious they are. Sitting enjoying a cup of coffee by a fireplace can be just as much fun as going here and doing that. Learn to appreciate those little moments and realize that our bodies need those breaks! We need time in the quiet to process different information that has come our way or strategize for upcoming things. 

If you haven’t had any down time try to make some this week or this upcoming weekend. It is much needed and I don’t think we all realize what we are doing to ourselves when we keep going and going and going. We aren’t the energizer bunnies! Take a coffee break and enjoy the quiet!

thanks quotes.lol-rofl.com and soulsanctuaryreiki.com for the images!


One thought on “Going, Going, Going – CRASH

  1. I’m home alone today – at least for a few hours!. It’s really nice to kick back and get off of the merry go round and enjoy the peace and quiet. Have a happy Monday!

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