It’s not that you CAN’T – It’s that you WON’T

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Many a days do I hear people complaining (yes even I complain some days too) about certain things. I hear people say well I can’t do this or that and then a list of reasons why. I understand that sometimes you really do want to do something but just can’t – Example: You want to quit your job and open a business but you have kids to feed. I understand that some things you can’t do simply because you can’t! With that being said I  know a lot of things that CAN be done but people WON’T do them. I hear I can’t work out  or lose weight because I don’t have the time, anybody to keep my kids, or money for a gym. I can solve all those problems! TRUST me I KNOW! My husband wakes up to go workout before the kids and I are up, we get the kids and ourselves ready for work/school. I pick up the kids from school get supper ready, get everybody bathed and ready for bed and then Russell usually is back at the office studying for another test! *We are about to take a 5 year break, PRAISE LORD! He needs it, he has been taking tests for almost 9 years now to get all these certifications he has, he needs a break!*  So when and where am I suppose to workout? There are many a nights I was doing insanity at 9:00 p.m or HIIT workouts in the garage while the kids slept and he studied. Right now I am pregnant so I obviously can’t do insanity or HIIT so I am having to adjust and it is hard. Russell has offered to study at home so I can go swimming or work out at the gym but I know he studies better at the office. I wanted to say CAN’T and probably did every once in a while BUT I DIDN’T!!!  Now the past few months CAN’T has been apart of my vocabulary because my body physically couldn’t do it with the nausea and tiredness of this baby. I do force myself whenever I know I can dig deep.

I don’t won’t this quote above to make you think just working out or eating healthy! This applies to a lot of different things in life! Sometimes good things can’t happen to us because we don’t try! We give up before we even try to see if we can! Take that next step! Take that big leap of faith!

thanks to theberry for the image


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