Which do you choose? Feed it or Fight it??

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How true is this? I mean really! We don’t think of it like this but every time we eat or drink we are either feeding it or fighting it! When you’re sick do you eat cheeseburgers, fries, cokes, and cupcakes to get better??? I can answer that NO! You usually go to foods that are high in vitamins and foods that are healthier! If I have diabetes and I continue to eat bad then what do you think I am doing? I am making my diabetes worse. I am not fighting it, I am feeding it! Every single time you put a bite of food in your mouth think of this! You may not have a disease now or know you have a disease but you can’t prevent a lot of diseases by simply eating healthier!

For the rest of this week and this weekend really focus on what you put in your mouth. Is it going to feed a disease or fight it?

thanks berry for the image


2 thoughts on “Which do you choose? Feed it or Fight it??

  1. That is so true! Too bad that all the “bad” food is the delicious ones but if you got the will then you can resist it and eat more healthy. For me it’s all about balance between fitness and food, because we can’t totally refuse some goodies right? 😉

    • I know! The healthier I eat the more I crave healthy food and less of the crap food though! I think it is what your body gets use to! I am big on balance as well! I feel that a splurge every once in a while won’t kill you!

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