Being healthy means different things to different people

I talk all the time about living a HEALTHY lifestyle. When I post about being healthy I am not just saying it is about your weight, your size, or eating fruits it is about your mind, spirit and heart as well! When I say be healthy that doesn’t mean to run 3 miles and then eat a cheeseburger everyday, it doesn’t mean to eat healthy, exercise, and have a nasty attitude. Healthy means different things to different people. When I say healthy I want you to focus on eating as healthy as possible with little splurges, exercising, focus on being happy, have a positive attitude, meditate, and so forth. I am not saying to just be “skinny” I want you to be truly happy and healthy! I want you to live a healthy, happy lifestyle so that your body will last for years and years! When we are healthy we are happier! You have to put your mind, spirit, and heart in it as well! It can’t just be a body thing. You have to connect all of them to live a truly healthy lifestyle.

Today really focus on being healthy! Whatever it is you need to work on to be healthier do it! After you do it today try again on Wednesday and then Thursday – day by day make your way to a healthier body!

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