Are you a body shamer?? All of our bodies deserve to be called beautiful!

Body shaming isn’t just for larger women but also skinnier women get body shamed as well! IT NEEDS TO STOP!

Some women are just going to have a “skinnier” body type and others will have a “larger” body type, that doesn’t make either one of them ugly! I think both women are attractive and can see where some think a thinner person or a thicker person is more beautiful. We have different body builds and so everyone will look different!

Embrace your body and others bodies as well! Don’t look at yourself and think you’re ugly just because you are a different body build than someone else. Look at yourself and see the beauty! Look at others and see their beauty! Embrace all bodies and know we are all different AND that is what makes each and every one of us special!

Go out today and rock that body of yours! Strip down and own that body of yours for your special someone! Don’t be ashamed! Confident women are much more attractive!

da mo 1712 Daily motivation (25 photos)

Below I provided links from where I got the pictures and the information from: Please click the link if you would like more on this!


2 thoughts on “Are you a body shamer?? All of our bodies deserve to be called beautiful!

  1. Variety is indeed the spice of life, and body types are no different. I wonder what people would have thought of curvy women, like Marilyn Monroe, if she was alive today?

    • I do wonder that a good bit. I think she would still be a bombshell because she just oozed sex appeal from her body language to her tone of voice.
      Kate Upton, Kate Winslet, Christina Hendricks, Scarlett Johansson, Beyonce are a few that have the curves and people still appreciate their bodies BUT they do get A LOT of criticism still! These women are not fat by any means they just have some junk in their trunk, wider hip bones and a large chest so people assume FAT…which is definitely not the case! all those women are smoking hot!
      Crazy what the world defines as beautiful sometimes!

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