Ask you yourself AM I HEALTHY??

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Keep in mind the photo above is UK sizes, not US – so the Size 12 up there is actually a size 8 in the US.

I got this from – “According to an another research, men prefer women with “softer” figures. The investigation, compiled using the Web Opinion Analysis method, surveyed 1200 men aged between 25 and 55, who were monitored through leading social networks. The result is clear: 81% of the men interviewed preferred curvy women to skinny women. Fuller-figured women are thought to have the right mix of fun and sexiness: they’re seen as more feminine (65%) and more seductive (52%) than thin women.”

What people are attracted to is totally different based on person to person. Not every woman is going to be attracted to Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, or Kanye West- We all have our preferences just like every man isn’t going to find Reese Witherspoon, Kate Winslet, or Carmen Electra attractive. It is all based on the person. I personally think the best size is whatever your healthiest weight is! I am a taller girl so size 4 would not be healthy on me and I realize that!

Looking at the photo above all these women are beautiful! NO matter their size they all are attractive! I think men would say the same thing. You ask and a good amount of men want women to have a little meat on them because it gives them a softer feel and I believe it all goes back to cave men and fertility as well. 

Now some men are different! Like I said everybody likes their own thing! Here is a story below…..

One day I was in the salon and the guy who does my hair was talking about how some men in today’s world don’t even know how to appreciate a real women’s body anymore. This young guy he knows wants his women with bright blonde hair, big fake boobs, and tiny waist. He was dating a girl with big boobs that were real, tiny waist, bright blonde hair, and beautiful, but he just couldn’t handle it. So my hairdresser says What the hell? You have the real deal in front of you, why do you want the fake boobs? He replies I don’t know I just like them better. I know exactly what it is! Our culture is used to seeing women with fake, fake, fake and skinny skinny skinny-rib cage showing skinny. They see photos of what LA and NEW YORK say you should look like and so men think women have to look like the girl out of playboy magazine.  I am not hating on fake boobs I believe if you think you need them  to give you what you are lacking confidence wise then go forth!! I am not hating on dyed hair (obviously I dye my hair bright blonde) I am not saying big real boobs are better and I am not saying that a tiny waste isn’t beautiful. I am just saying some of the men in today’s culture forget that a woman’s body shouldn’t be so hard, plastic, or bones showing to be labeled beautiful! I also should state every body type is different and if we all keep having surgeries to look-alike then we all won’t be our unique beautiful selves anymore. 

I am not saying women should gain weight if you are a size 4 and become a size 8 to be labeled beautiful either! I am simply saying be the healthiest size you should be, not what the world tells you to be! I know that size 6 would probably be my best healthiest size and the last size I was in before I was pregnant was an 8. I should lose a few more fat areas BUT it is okay if I don’t! I am not obese and I am not anorexic. My BMI is right where it should be and my fat percentage isn’t bad either. I exercise to keep control of my weight and health. A lot of illnesses are linked to being overweight, as well issues with being underweight so I try to just be the healthiest I can be! I could be “skinnier” but I love to enjoy my life and part of enjoying life is sitting around good food and having good conversations with people. I know, I am definitely a southerner, ha! I think I should be able to enjoy a big bowl of spaghetti or whatever a few times a year and not feel guilty! Food nourishes the soul, right? BUT I also know that a lot of the food that nourishes the soul can be not so good for you if you eat it every night!

I hope you look at this post and feel good about yourself! Look down at yourself right now – no matter your size 2-22! Look down and ask yourself are you the healthiest you can be? Do you eat pretty healthy? Do you try to get in exercise of some a couples times a week? What is the healthiest size you should be? Just because your skinny doesn’t mean you are healthy either! Be honest and ask yourself how healthy are you, not how skinny are you? If you can say YES, I AM HEALTHY! PERFECT! Then you go!! If you can say, NO, I am not healthy then today is the perfect day to change that!!

Get up and get going so that you can start living a healthier (not skinnier) life!


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