Celebrate it’s 1 year of blogging AND BTW can you stop the judgements?

This month makes 1 year of blogging for me!

I can’t believe I have already been blogging an entire year! I feel like I just started!! I hope I have been helpful to others wanting to live a better life! I am not perfect by any means but I hope to push people to be the best person they can possibly be! 

I never write about this kind of stuff but I felt sadness last night for them and even Hank. Last night I was watching Kendra on Top, yes I have always watched Kendra and read her books. I feel so sorry for her. She struggled growing up without a father, her mother is a little sketchy, and she had been through so much by the age of 18. She finally found happiness and then that was pulled from her in the blink of an eye. Afterwards I was looking at my instagram of her and I clicked on Hank’s through her instagram. I looked at pictures and was reading some of the comments, JEEZ!! I mean the man screwed up, ROYALLY, but he doesn’t need you judging him either. He didn’t realize what was going to happen and now without a doubt I am sure if he did do something he totally regrets it. Seeing what this is doing to a family that thought it was so happy it is heart wrenching. As I was reading the comments for example: People are talking about him in the locker room with all his football players, he must have been having fantasies……..CHEATER……..*7%$ing Cheater, how you could you run to a tranny when you have a beautiful wife and kids…..asshole… you are disgusting…you make me sick…you look gay….you don’t even deserve a father’s day…disgusting parent.….THESE ARE JUST A FEW of what people are saying! Those aren’t even the terrible ones! Can you believe that…hundreds of people bashing and judging! Okay so FIRST off..he hasn’t admitted to it yet. Kendra says she thinks something happened but not what the girl/guy is saying. NEXT, maybe he didn’t know it was a girl/guy at first. You can say whatever BUT some guys are just dumb and it takes them a minute to realize stuff like that. NEXT, no IF he did cheat it isn’t right and it is horrible because he hurt his family so much BUT I HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE HIM nor does anyone else, ONLY God can say anything to him. NEXT, if Kendra can get over it and work through it then that is all that matters! You don’t know his back story or what he has been going through. He has enough going on in his life besides mean ass comments! These comments about his parenting and so forth are even worse! EVEN Kendra has stated he has been the best father and never has not been. Marriage is hard and it takes a lot of work! THERE WILL BE MISTAKES!! That is life, everyone makes mistakes BIG and SMALL!

I am not taking up for him BUT I felt very sad reading the comments from people in this world. I just forget how many people out there are just hateful. When I read those comments I remembered what my mom always told me, “Be careful of what you say. You can NEVER take those words back” and that is very true. When you are mean to someone they NEVER forget it! They may forgive it but they will NEVER forget it! Words are very powerful, you can knock somebody down in a heartbeat with just a few words. Be careful of what you say and your judgments. When others are going through hard times they don’t need you to make it any harder on them. 

Update on the pregnancy: I am in the 2nd trimester and feeling much better but still nauseated! My stomach just isn’t right yet, praying that will end SOON!! Poor Russell, I have worked him to death this pregnancy. It has just been a hard one for me so far and he has been so helpful and for the most part 😉 super understanding. He has really stepped up his game and taken over with cleaning the kitchen, cooking dinner, and helping with the boys. I have to brag on him just because he has been so helpful to me!

Ending happy here: Today we MAY get to find out the gender of the baby!! I hope we will at least, you never know if they will cooperate!! Wish me luck that he or she is in a good position! We are all super excited and can’t wait to find out what it is!! 

thanks for the gifs! glee.wikia.com/wiki/ and forums.thesims.com and miscgifs.tumblr 


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