Fitness tip #1: Don’t skip meals

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I eat around every 2-3 hours. I have a good breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and yes a snack sometimes again! My snacks I usually do fruits, veggies, a yogurt, smoothie or protein shake. I do have a lot of other snacks I go to sometimes but I these are my main snacks- healthy and low in calories.

Skipping meals is hurting you not helping you! Don’t think I am going to skip breakfast or I ate too much lunch so I won’t eat dinner. Eat healthy and good proportions and you will be fine! If you are using time as an excuse – buy apples pre-sliced in separate bags and so forth to help you out!


2 thoughts on “Fitness tip #1: Don’t skip meals

  1. I try to tell my kids this. They have a tendency to skip their breakfast, which is really bad while your in a classroom and need the mental focus to succeed. Thanks for the excellent reminder!

    • It is a bad habit for kids! Most of the teenagers that I use to teach wouldn’t eat until break at 10:00! By then they were all cranky and starving! Knowing they missed so much in class just because they were so hungry the couldn’t think straight!

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