Eating healthy when you’re eating for two!

Pregnancy and Eating. Those two words go hand in hand for sure! I know how difficult it is to eat healthy when you are throwing up and nauseated 24/7. When I was pregnant with Beck I was deathly sick, throwing up constantly. Noah I was sick but not as bad and this one I have been sick but not as bad as Noah or well just as bad as Noah, ha I can’t remember! ANYWAYS my point is, when you are sick all you want is CARBS and you want WHITE CARBS or bad things. Now these things are okay on occasion but you see when your sick 24/7 you want anything that will make you feel better. I want bread and coke so of course I am going to gain weight. I gained 5 pounds this trimester. They say that a healthy weight to gain is up to 5 pounds for the first trimester! AND I am at 5 pounds! HA I am not worried though! I couldn’t help it! I didn’t want to eat bad but there was just certain things my body could and couldn’t handle, fruit wasn’t going to happen. I craved fruit, water, turkey sandwiches but ingesting them was different. I know during this 2nd trimester I will feel better and so I will eat better! I miss my good healthy foods! So don’t get discouraged ladies if you are eating bad the first trimester, you can’t help it! I KNOW! You do what you can to survive! Just make sure that if you are able you eat better during the 2nd trimester! 

As far as exercise goes, ha yeah right! I did force myself to exercise at least once or twice a week. I tried to find a time that I was least nauseated and would do PiYo or something like that at home that way if I was going to puke it wouldn’t be at the gym with everybody watching. Some weeks I never got to exercise because I was just so ill but I tried as much as I could. Now that I am hitting the 2nd trimester I am ready to get on the elliptical, StairMaster, and treadmill.

I have people ask if I am running during my pregnancy. No I really am not. I thought about running all the way through. I did read a lot on it as well and just felt it wasn’t best. I heard a lot of women complaining that when they did run it was doing a number on their bodies and they wish they hadn’t. Listen to your body. My body feels that little shorts runs are okay right now but soon very soon I will stop completely. I will stay with the elliptical, walking, swimming, and toning. I just feel that my body is working so hard already and then all that pulling on my stomach, the bouncing on my organs that are already being squished, and my ligaments being loose just isn’t best for me. I am all for working out during pregnancy but running long distance isn’t going to happen for me. This is my last pregnancy, I will get the weight off at the end and I will get back to my running. I  will set a goal to run another half-marathon after this baby to make sure I do! BTW – I am not hating on anybody that runs while you are pregnant! I think it is great you can do that, I just said it wasn’t for me!

So to all you moms out there that are freaking out about the first trimester. It is okay! I know you’re sick and you eat what you can! Just make it up in the second trimester! Also, go ahead and start setting goals now for a 5k, 10k, Half or even a triathlon to compete in! That goal will help you get back in shape and back to your normal self in no time! Just make sure you give your body the recovery time it needs and take it slow! I had Noah in March. I ran my first 10k in September, my first half in February, and finished my first triathlon in May! I progressed slowly but steadily. I ran the 6 miles and said okay lets add a few more miles for the half and I did. Then I knew if I could run for hours straight then I could do a mix of exercise for a couple of hours and I did! I didn’t have Noah in March and try to run a half in September. I worked my way there. It takes my body 8 weeks, not the normal 6 weeks to recover after the c-section. I always have more blood loss than I am supposed to apparently and every time I start trying to go hardcore at 6 weeks my body says nope! So I wait for another 2 weeks. I listen to it, I don’t push it. I really feel it takes a year for your body to completely heal, especially from a section. Your body has completely changed and gone through trauma. It takes a while to get everything back to what it was. You just created a human in your body! Your ribs have moved and everything else. You have done something amazing  give your body time to recoup. I don’t get to start running immediately. I set goals that are realistic and help me to progress slowly but surely. I am a mom of almost 3 kids now, sometimes that run just won’t happen and so I have to be realistic in the time I give myself. 

Below is a partial list of sports and activities that are considered safe to do if you’re pregnant–but again, only after a consultation with your physician:

Below I found some stuff on baby center the other day that might be helpful to some of you for eating during this time in your life! OH by the way if you look you don’t really need a lot of extra calories! In the first trimester I have read only 300 extra calories. In the 2nd trimester around 350 extra and the third around 500 extra! Of course that is also based on a healthy weight person. If you are under weight when you got pregnant you need more calories if you were overweight you need fewer calories, please keep in mind this isn’t for everyone especially those with multiple babies. Keep in mind an extra 500 calories does not mean eat a big mac – eat something healthy! AND 300 calories isn’t much – like a glass of milk and a bowl of oatmeal. Be thoughtful of what extra 300-500 calories are going in! Trust me you will be glad you didn’t gorge and eat anything and everything after that baby is born! When you gain 50, 60, 70+ pounds it is difficult to lose. Not saying it can’t be done, but the more weight the longer it takes to come off and most of us are patient enough.

Lastly, I will leave you with this! It took you 9 months to gain that weight – it will take you 9 months to lose it! Don’t expect every single inch and pound to come off after a month!

From BabyCenter:

What are some important nutrients?

Protein, iron, and calcium are three nutrients you need now to keep you healthy and fuel your baby’s development.

Protein: Aim for 71 grams a day. Lean meats, eggs, and dairy products, as well as nuts, beans, and soy products like tofu, are all good sources. Three servings a day should help you meet your goal. Fish is a good source of protein (as well as vital omega-3 fatty acids), but because of concerns about contamination, experts debate how much and what type of fish you should eat.

Iron: Getting 27 milligrams of iron every day is especially important to help ward off iron-deficiency anemia, a common problem among pregnant women. Iron found in animal products (called heme iron) is absorbed more easily by your body than iron found in plants (nonheme iron). The best source? Lean red meat. If you’re a vegetarian or can’t stomach meat, you can get some iron from vegetables such as spinach and legumes like lentils. It can be tough to get enough iron from these sources, though, so your provider may recommend an iron supplement. (Hint: Vitamin C enhances the absorption of nonheme iron, so eat foods rich in vitamin C — such as citrus fruits, strawberries, and sweet peppers — at the same time you eat non-meat iron-rich foods, or down your iron supplement with a glass of orange juice.)

Calcium: Four servings a day of dairy products will help you get the 1,000 mg of calcium you need (1,300 mg if you’re 18 or younger). Your baby needs calcium for the formation of his bones and teeth. If you don’t get enough of this nutrient, he’ll take what he needs from your body and you’ll lose calcium stored in your bones.


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