I challenge you to help someone this month – little or big- doesn’t matter!

It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month as we all know. So throughout this month I want to do a few post on it! I was looking up cancer rates for all different types of cancer and the website below was quite helpful. I was glad to see that Mississippi the state I live in is on the lower end of people getting it BUT I saw the map of percentage who die from it and Mississippi was one of the highest. When I saw low cancer rate for breast I thought NO! Really?? I feel like so many people have it, it can’t be! AND then I KNEW we were high in other cancers because of all the chemicals being sprayed with the farms and the mosquito trucks and planes that spray chemicals into the air. I clicked on lung, GULP. I was right. The highest of getting it and we have the highest percentage of death – BAM AND BAM! 

I have always had an issue because my grandmother, Mary Lillian Gist, died from lung cancer. My mom said she thinks it was because they lived out basically in the farm land. The house was surrounded by crops year round that had to be sprayed. No my grandmother didn’t smoke and she was very healthy. She walked to work, worked in the garden, and so forth. So I am paranoid I am going to end up with lung cancer because I live here in the Mississippi Delta next to fields after fields after fields. I just have to tell myself what will be will be. I can’t let that affect me, I could or could not get cancer. There are some ways to help prevent getting it. I exercise, I eat healthy, I don’t smoke, I limit alcohol BUT that doesn’t mean I won’t get it. If 5 woman in my family have had a history of breast cancer then you know what… I’m going to have a high chance of getting it. I may be doing everything right and still get it. I just take those steps to help prevent it as much as possible.

I am bad about checking my breast. My Dr. always ask me and I put my head down and say no. I really don’t know what all I should be feeling..I know obviously if I feel a large lump but what about a little lump. We sometimes have little lumps and they are nothing. When I went for my first trimester appointment my Dr. checked my breast again and she told the student that was in there “I just checked her breast at her yearly last month, so you may ask why I am doing this again…because I had a pregnant 26-year-old in here and we found a lump. She had breast cancer.” 26!!! pregnant!! WHAT?!?! I know! I was just sitting there so grateful and feeling so bad for that woman. 

I have had numerous people diagnosed with breast cancer beat it and move on. But it is just so scary. One of my sister-in-laws good friends was diagnosed this past month. It so scary and just so hard. I don’t know how these people do it. They have kids, work, everything under gods green earth AND THEN have to fight this battle. Stage 1 or Stage 4 it is exhausting either way. Mentally and physically it can wear you down. I applaud you women. One day I was complaining of my morning sickness and all I could think of was SHUT THE HELL UP! Tons of people everyday wake up sick from their chemo. You are sick for a joyous reason and others are sick fighting for their lives. You shut the hell up right now you little spoiled bitch (this is what I told myself) And since then when I get sick and I start to pout I remember what I told myself. 

I don’t applaud just Breast Cancer women I applaud anyone that has to fight any type of cancer. It is a hard long battle with any type for any gender. So male or female all need love here. 

I know we all think we may not get it or that it can’t really happen to us or we exercise and eat healthy so we are invisible but we aren’t. Be aware! Check yourself, go get your yearly physical so that if you do have it you can catch it in enough time! 

If you know anyone who is fighting breast cancer please lend out a hand. Even if you don’t know them that well, buy or make a frozen casserole and drop it off or buy a gas card to help buy gas to get them to and from the chemo appointments and so forth. These people are fighting for their lives. We could all do a little something to lighten the load on them. Put yourself in their shoes. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home from chemo and not wonder what are my kids going to eat tonight? OR We are running low on money because of all the trips to the Dr’s and I have missed the amount I can at work…I don’t know how I will make it until the end of the month from all the extra expenses. Hard isn’t it? So lend a helping hand! That one little casserole can make all the difference to somebody who is sick and can’t function but she can relax knowing her kids have a good meal and not crap that night!

Make it your goal this month to help at least 1 person with cancer or how about this…that just needs help! If you know somebody that is fighting no matter where they are do something to cheer them up this month! Send them a package in the mail or whatever but just do something to help them! Make it your goal! I challenge you to not think about yourself this month but to think about those who are fighting for their lives each and every day! If you do it, share with me!! Let me know what you did! Little or big!!! I want to hear how you are helping others out! 

Below is one of the maps from the website I was looking at and if you click the link below it will take you to the website with more maps for different cancers and so forth, if you just like to be knowledgeable!


Map of the United States showing female breast cancer incidence rates by state.

Female Breast Cancer
Incidence Rates* by State, 2011†


2 thoughts on “I challenge you to help someone this month – little or big- doesn’t matter!

  1. Thank you for that link. It’s quite eye opening to see where the highest cancer rates are. Tomorrow is my day at the doctor, and since my dad and sister both died from cancer, I get a heavy once over. As uncomfortable and embarrassing as it is, the peace of mind that I feel afterwards is priceless. Think pink!!!!

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