Is being fat really the worst thing a human can be? JK Rowling

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I saw this and I felt drawn to this quote. Some people in this world treat overweight people horribly. People don’t hold doors open for you, smile at you or help you out. I have seen first hand this happening and I have heard stories. One woman told me when she was overweight how everyone treated her like she didn’t exist but when she lost weight men opened doors for her and didn’t let them slam in her face, people smiled at her, and talked to her more.  I do believe some of it is because once someone loses weight they start feeling better  so they smile more and are just happier so it makes people feel like they can talk to you more/smile at you. BUT I believe some of it is other people. We are a culture based all on looks. 

Some people look at overweight people and are disgusted. FIRST off HOLD THE HELL UP! NOBODY GETS TO JUDGE ANYBODY! I can say man he/she is overweight they need to do something but it isn’t out of disgust it is out love. I want people to be their best so I do want them to be healthy. You don’t know why that person is overweight. They could have a thyroid problem, PCOS, depression, or even they don’t have enough money to eat healthy. YES money does play a role in it as well. Eating healthy is expensive so a lot of people eat sloppy joes and cheap meals like hamburger helper every night because they can’t afford lean meats, fruits, veggies for an entire family. YOU DON’T KNOW the whole reason why someone is overweight. A lot of times people are just taught how to eat by their parents and if their parents ate bad they will probably eat bad, they don’t know any better. So stop judging when you don’t know the whole story. If you do say somebody needs to lose weight it should be out of love because you are worried for their health. I know some people are just lazy and they don’t eat right BUT you should be their friend and help them NOT TEAR THEM DOWN!! Suggest you workout together or have a weekly walking session SOMETHING! Make it a thing where you get a happy from your friend at the end of the week if you were healthy and if you didn’t you don’t get your happy. So if you ate really good all week and exercised then you get a small happy from a friend and vice versa! It always make its more fun when you get happies. You could give your friend a headband for working out, headphones, an iTunes card for music for their iPod, running socks, tickets to a movie, a flavored water and a bag of fruit! WHATEVER! But little happies sometimes make it easier!

GO out today with a better attitude and instead of looking at overweight people in disgust HELP THEM! Find a way to connect to them and find a way that will help push them to be healthy! They don’t need you tearing them down, they enough people doing that already! AND if you really think about it….is being overweight really the worst thing somebody can be??? I am pretty sure it isn’t! I would rather have an overweight happy nice considerate friend than a skinny stuck up bitch any day of the week!!! 

thanks for the image the berry!


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