It’s Ladies night!!!

Awesome Excited animated GIF

Confused Jennifer Lawrence animated GIF

YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! IT’S LADIES NIGHT!!!!! I told you it was coming!!!

Okay so what should I do for my lady?? What all does your lady like? A certain tv show she likes to watch without your ridicule, a movie, a favorite sweet from somewhere, a massage, dinner with a best buds, a bubble bath with her favorite adult beverage?? Start thinking of what you can do  to make her have a great night! It doesn’t have to be big and expensive. Just go home and have dinner cooked help get the kids in bed, draw her bubble bath with a candle, then have her tv show paused and ready to start with a little treat to enjoy it with….and if your extra good put her to sleep with a  good massage!

Now go pamper your girl one night this week!! She deserves it! thanks for the gifs!


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