da mo 1812 Daily motivation (25 photos)

I challenge you all to do something out of the ordinary this weekend! 

Do something you have never done before or something that you love but don’t get to do much!

It can be things like hiking, swimming in the ocean, eating at a certain place, kissing in the rain….nobody said it had to cost 5,000 dollars..I believe all our bucket list have expensive but also inexpensive things we want to do! SO GO DO SOMETHING that can totally happen this weekend. You want to camp out then go buy you a tent and hit a state park! No excuses!

Whatever it is from something simple to hard …JUST DO SOMETHING NEW AND DIFFERENT!! Instead of complaining about your life being boring and nothing great ever happens to you GO MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! Make you life exciting and awesome this weekend! Step outside of your comfort zone!! Fear stops us from doing things we have never done so we stay doing the same thing! Don’t give into fear! Think of all the possibilities!!

a da mo 15 Daily motivation (25 photos)

thanks berry for the images!!


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