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Okay ladies – IT’S GUYS NIGHT!!!!


I MEAN it is all about the guys tonight! Make them FEEL like THEY ARE “KIND OF A BIG DEAL”

I challenge you all today or if not today some night this week to have a “GUY’S NIGHT” for the men in your life.  LIKE WHAT you ask?!?! UMMM lots of things you can do. What is it your guy likes? Some want FOOD (okay lets change that from some to ALL) cook their favorite meal or pick up their favorite food – Football game? Movie? Massage? A little oo la la? What is it that he would consider a good night??? NOW DO IT!!!

We need to make the men in our life feel special and know just how special they are!!!

For Russell – I see hot wings, beer and a football game with no kids yelling in the background hahahaha! NOW Get to thinking of what you can do to treat your guy to a special night! Don’t we all deserve a little pampering every once in a while! This makes for a good relationship when each of you get pampered!

I know what you are thinking – THIS IS THE BEST IDEA!!!! haha  I know..I know!!!   Don’t worry ladies night is coming too!!! (so maybe get your guy to follow my blog – then he can get the hint – or hell if you have too then just tell him what the plan is AND VICE VERSA for the guys who follow and their girls don’t- for those of us with THOSE loved ones maybe we should just print this out and leave it on the counter 😉 

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