The Bodies of Today

da mo 1012 Daily motivation (25 photos)

Get a kick out of this? HA  I did!

I feel like we live in a world today that is finally starting to rebel the whole size 0 skin and bones image for females and know that curvy, toned bodies can be much prettier. Growing up super models were fit girls with curves. YES, Cindy Crawford was skinny BUT she was fit and healthy! Today the super models are just unhealthy! These models thighs are the size of my boob!  It puts such a bad image out there of what beauty is. Beauty is really any size, so I am not saying women who are naturally tiny are ugly. I can find beauty in any size but when bones are sticking out it makes me cringe a bit. I see these women all the time BUTTTTT then I see so many women out there today being so healthy and fit that it is starting to counteract those starved girls. Everywhere I turn I see girls working out, lifting weights, competing in competitions and it is so good for the girls of today to know you don’t have to be starved to be beautiful. Girls with muscle will weigh more and yes they may look a little bigger than a starved girl BUT they are healthy! I am not saying bodybuilder bodies are beautiful either….that is a little much for me but to each their own. I do think a nice toned body is strong and beautiful. I think the most beautiful thing is that these women who workout are seeing just how strong they are. You realize just what you can do when you are pushed to the max!

I applaud you women who are out there eating healthy and exercising! You are showing our young girls exactly how to live a healthy life!

thanks for the awesome image!


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