Food is NOT the enemy

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A lot of times I see people drinking these shakes or doing these diets to lose weight. These people automatically assume that FOOD IS THE ENEMY. They think it is BAD and that they must stay away from it. People with eating disorders see food as the enemy. When people start soaking cotton balls in orange juice, avoiding food all together, eating then throwing it up OR even just living on a liquid diet or on cabbage alone there is a PROBLEM!!!

All these diets out there that want you to drinks two shakes a day and then have a healthy dinner are doing one thing – IT MAKES YOU WATCH YOUR CALORIES – that shake only has so many calories and if you have that for breakfast and lunch then eat a sensible healthy dinner  OF COURSE YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT – all you did was lower the amount of calories in your body. I can’t do shakes as meals because my body wants to EAT. So I eat and lower my calories. I love shakes but as a snack not my full on dinner. I will have a protein shake or smoothie for breakfast or if I am in a major rush lunch. I also like cabbage BUT NOT for every meal of every day. I will eventually go back to my eating habits because living off shakes or cabbage isn’t realistic and can’t happen forever (unless I have a major eating issue).

We need to stop seeing food as the enemy. Healthy food is great for you. Fruit, veggies, and lean meats are not bad – they are actually good and will make you feel better if you partake in them. God made this food for us. He knew what he was doing in order to keep us alive…so he made WATER, LEAN MEATS, FRUITS, and VEGGIES – these are from the earth – from what he made for us. We will stay healthy if we eat good things like this. If it is natural and from the earth let’s go!!!

I couldn’t imagine a life without food. I use to struggle with food but have now found peace with it. I LOVE it-  I LOVE FOOD. I love the smells, flavors, the pots/pans, the oven – I love everything about cooking except the clean up! and Russell is usually there to help with that 😉  I eat my food and really enjoy it! I have learned not to scarf it down, I have learned to enjoy the flavors and I can do all this if I watch my proportions. Yes I have bites of cakes here and there – I may not eat the whole cake but a few bites won’t kill me!

Love food and stop labeling it as the enemy!

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