Whine, Whine, and more Whine…..do I want some cheese with that??


Okay so I have been on a little pity party for myself. Life is just crazy right now…I mean CRAZY BUT it could totally be A LOT WORSE!

Every time I start whining I just think to myself GET OVER IT!!! Life is life – shit happens! Quit whining and fix it! Being patient to fix it is quite hard sometimes though! But while I am in this I have a little while to go before it gets fixed and so I have to remind myself to love every day that is given to me! I have to remind myself how lucky I am and not let the crap get to me! I have to remind myself that soon very soon I will have it all fixed and all will be okay. I am a big believer in choices. Choices in life are what get you to the life you are living. I am very happy with my choices I have made and plan to make a choice career wise that will eventually make me even happier (hopefully, ha)! SO when crap isn’t working and you tried and tried to fix it – then it is time to move on! Until that time happens – keep your head up, quit whining, and get over it!! Nobody not even yourself likes a whiny baby! So keep your head and chin up!

http://glee.wikia.com/wiki/File:Get-over-it.gif – Thanks for the GIF!


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