I’ll make it like your birthday everyday! Katy Perry



I love this song by Katy Perry because it is just so fun! BUT I like the saying make it your birthday everyday! Because shouldn’t we live our life-like it is our birthday everyday to a certain extent?  We should live everyday with a joyful attitude and excitement for another  year that we got in  our life! As Katy says I will make it like your birthday everyday! Shouldn’t we all try to make our loved ones feel special all year and not just one day?!?!?! Russell and I already try to do special things for each other throughout the year not just on our birthdays but sometimes with 2 kids and counting we get side tracked. Remember to make everyday like it is your  (or your loved ones) birthday!

Go out today and make it like your birthday! Be glad you are alive and that you have a good life!!

Happy Birthday Russell! XOXOXO


Click on the youtube link to watch the lyrics video – if you haven’t seen the one where Katy dresses up in costumes for these people birthdays party you have to! IT’S SO FUNNY! It is below click the link to see it!



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