I am never gonna be good enough for you, am I?

Another Legally Blonde quote. The realization that you are never going to be good enough for someone even after you have changed so much about yourself for them to like you. 

This is a good lesson to learn. Elle has changed parts of herself just so her ex-boyfriend will want her back and he still doesn’t. It is great to change but only change for yourself. Don’t change so that people will hopefully like you more. Change  because you NEED a change. Change because YOU SAID you want to be different. Do things you have never done before but do them because YOU needed them.

Realize that some people are just not worth it. You can try but they won’t accept you. You will never be good enough for them and that is okay. You can’t and won’t have everyone’s approval. 

When I walked in to my college art classes it was like this:

and they were all like:

BUT I ignored them! I knew they would never get me and I would never get them AND that was okay! I could be just as creative as them and I was going to show them….and so I did. I changed over the years because I wanted all the change. I didn’t change for anyone or anything. I knew I was never going to be good enough for those art students and I was okay with that. I believed in myself enough to know that I was great just the way I was! I didn’t have to not wear a bra or throw my razor away and paint depressing ass stuff to be a “real” artist. I could be myself…my own unique self. I didn’t join in the crowd of what I was “supposed” to do if I was a true artist. I did what I did best AND that was to be myself!

Go out today and be yourself! Only make changes if you want the changes! 

http://www.okmoviequotes.com/ and http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/90117920.html Thanks for the pict!


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