Be Thankful!

As I sit here I am thinking of what to write to inspire you to be a better person. All that keeps coming to my mind today is the 2nd  beheading of the journalist, Sotloff. I am bothered by the sick people in the world and once again realize what a scary world we live in. I forget how far advanced we are here in the United States compared to other areas of the world. I forget sometimes to be so grateful for what I call home. I am free here. I am not scared I will be stoned to death for just being a woman or have fear for my life every morning that I wake up. I know that I will have clean water and healthcare available to me.

I am lucky. You are lucky. We don’t fear for our lives like others do living in other parts of the world. I am lucky to live here and raise my children in such a place. We forget just how lucky we are to live in America. We forget to thank those men and women who keep are nation safe. Men and women who give their life for our country so that we may continue to live in our safe environment. Without those fearless soldiers our country wouldn’t be what it is today.  Our country wouldn’t be what it is without reporters and journalists that are over seas as well. They risk their lives so that we can have knowledge of what is happening in other areas of the world. 

As I sit here thinking of how I can inspire you today there is one thing that comes to mind. THANKFULNESS. Today focus on  being thankful! Thankful for everything you have and freedom should be at the top of that list. Be thankful for that crappy job – hey, at least it’s a job! Some people would kill to have your job. Be thankful for that crappy car or tiny house – others may not even have a car or be sleeping on the streets. We all need to be thankful! 

Focus today on being thankful. Say thank you for your job, when you see your husband / wife/kids say thank you, when you eat or drink say thank you, when you get to take a hot bath or use the restroom in private say thank you, when you open your laptop say thank you, when you climb into your warm bed at night say thank you, when you sit at church and not get stoned for your religion say thank you, when you wake up or go to bed breathing say thank you. Be aware of WHAT you EXACTLY have – No you may not have an iPad or the newest Gucci purse – that doesn’t matter – what matters is freedom and family! Go realize what all you should be thankful for.

It is easy to complain and be ungrateful. TRY ALL DAY TO BE THANKFUL and then on Thursday try to be thankful and then Friday…for the next several days focus on thankfulness so that hopefully it sticks with you and you remember 24/7 to be grateful and thankful for your life you live.


4 thoughts on “Be Thankful!

  1. So true. I think one of the keys to happiness is having, as Zig Ziglar said, an attitude of gratitude.

    “Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” — Marcel Proust

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