Old Habits are hard to break!!

You know how you have these AHA moments! Well I had one last week!

I was unpacking the grocery bags because like the good husband he his Russell had done the grocery shopping and I pulled out 3 Reese’s Pumpkins. I knew he bought one for the two boys and the other for me! I smiled a great big smile because I thought awe he knows I LOVE the seasonal Reese’s that was sooo sweet! I was so excited! (yes it doesn’t take much to make me happy) Oh yay I love these and was so excited and then I said WAIT! Wait I can’t eat this. I can’t eat these anymore because they are too sweet and make me sick. I was sad for a minute because this once love affair is now gone but after one split second I was okay. ha 

So I realized how I haven’t eaten and can’t really eat this anymore BUT my MIND immediately said OH YUMMY!! YOU LOVE THESE!! AND I GOT EXCITED! Isn’t that funny? I don’t eat those anymore and can’t but habits are hard to break. My mind knew I always loved those and so it still thinks I love those when really I don’t anymore. 

Isn’t that crazy? Even though my habit of grabbing this and that has broken my mind sometimes forgets my new ways and thinks the old ways. Be cautious and no that change is hard. Even though you may think you have broken through sometimes you just have these reactions because they were apart of you for so long!

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Motivation MONDAY!!!! Stop the excuses! Nobody gives a crap about your lame excuses!

da mo 2016 Daily motivation (25 photos)

da mo 1617 Daily motivation (25 photos)

da mo 1418 Daily motivation (25 photos)

da mo 616 Daily motivation (25 photos)

da mo 2016 Daily motivation (25 photos)

Yep I started and ended on this image! Get up and do something good for yourself! Stop the excuses and whining! Start eating healthy and doing some form of exercise so that you can feel as amazing as I know you are!

Can you do this?? Seeing the good in every situation can be tough. Are you up for this mind challenge?

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A lot of stuff will come up in our lives! Sometimes it comes in huge waves and others maybe just one thing at a time BUT we always have something kind of crappy happening at points. 

When these crappy times happen we need to look beyond that moment and think what is the good in this? For example:  Maybe you are sick with a disease. Yes, that is horrible but instead of making it worse how can you make this good? You can be an advocate for this illness now, you can see just how strong of a person  you are and show others the disease can be battled, you can give others hope..you can help find a cure… Maybe your work situation is horrible! Focus on the good! The good is that you have a job that pays the bills and another good thing can be since this job is bad try to find a new job. Sometimes things like this happen so we are pushed into a new thing! Maybe that good thing is waiting right around the corner. 

I think the best way to live our lives is to have a positive outlook and see the good in everything. When we are negative it makes life unbearable and hard to live. SO TRY…REALLY TRY to be positive and see the best in all things, even the bad! Mindset is everything! Make your mind up to be a more positive person, even though it can be really difficult!!

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I challenge you all to do something out of the ordinary this weekend! 

Do something you have never done before or something that you love but don’t get to do much!

It can be things like hiking, swimming in the ocean, eating at a certain place, kissing in the rain….nobody said it had to cost 5,000 dollars..I believe all our bucket list have expensive but also inexpensive things we want to do! SO GO DO SOMETHING that can totally happen this weekend. You want to camp out then go buy you a tent and hit a state park! No excuses!

Whatever it is from something simple to hard …JUST DO SOMETHING NEW AND DIFFERENT!! Instead of complaining about your life being boring and nothing great ever happens to you GO MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! Make you life exciting and awesome this weekend! Step outside of your comfort zone!! Fear stops us from doing things we have never done so we stay doing the same thing! Don’t give into fear! Think of all the possibilities!!

a da mo 15 Daily motivation (25 photos)

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Okay ladies – IT’S GUYS NIGHT!!!!


I MEAN it is all about the guys tonight! Make them FEEL like THEY ARE “KIND OF A BIG DEAL”

I challenge you all today or if not today some night this week to have a “GUY’S NIGHT” for the men in your life.  LIKE WHAT you ask?!?! UMMM lots of things you can do. What is it your guy likes? Some want FOOD (okay lets change that from some to ALL) cook their favorite meal or pick up their favorite food – Football game? Movie? Massage? A little oo la la? What is it that he would consider a good night??? NOW DO IT!!!

We need to make the men in our life feel special and know just how special they are!!!

For Russell – I see hot wings, beer and a football game with no kids yelling in the background hahahaha! NOW Get to thinking of what you can do to treat your guy to a special night! Don’t we all deserve a little pampering every once in a while! This makes for a good relationship when each of you get pampered!

I know what you are thinking – THIS IS THE BEST IDEA!!!! haha  I know..I know!!!   Don’t worry ladies night is coming too!!! (so maybe get your guy to follow my blog – then he can get the hint – or hell if you have too then just tell him what the plan is AND VICE VERSA for the guys who follow and their girls don’t- for those of us with THOSE loved ones maybe we should just print this out and leave it on the counter 😉 

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The Bodies of Today

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Get a kick out of this? HA  I did!

I feel like we live in a world today that is finally starting to rebel the whole size 0 skin and bones image for females and know that curvy, toned bodies can be much prettier. Growing up super models were fit girls with curves. YES, Cindy Crawford was skinny BUT she was fit and healthy! Today the super models are just unhealthy! These models thighs are the size of my boob!  It puts such a bad image out there of what beauty is. Beauty is really any size, so I am not saying women who are naturally tiny are ugly. I can find beauty in any size but when bones are sticking out it makes me cringe a bit. I see these women all the time BUTTTTT then I see so many women out there today being so healthy and fit that it is starting to counteract those starved girls. Everywhere I turn I see girls working out, lifting weights, competing in competitions and it is so good for the girls of today to know you don’t have to be starved to be beautiful. Girls with muscle will weigh more and yes they may look a little bigger than a starved girl BUT they are healthy! I am not saying bodybuilder bodies are beautiful either….that is a little much for me but to each their own. I do think a nice toned body is strong and beautiful. I think the most beautiful thing is that these women who workout are seeing just how strong they are. You realize just what you can do when you are pushed to the max!

I applaud you women who are out there eating healthy and exercising! You are showing our young girls exactly how to live a healthy life!

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