You are an original artwork!

da mo 1617 Daily motivation (25 photos)

Have you ever compared yourself to someone else? Most likely you will answer yes!

Women are so bad about this. We feel like we should do it all and have it all. 

Everyone is beautiful in their own ways. Someone may have a gorgeous hair color, nice thick hair, beautiful eyes, good cheekbones, nice arms/hands/legs/feet/tummy or a wonderful personality. We each have SOMETHING that is GREAT! Think…what are some great things about you? Do you have a good sense of humor? Are you cheerful? Do you have pretty eyes? Are you compassionate? Different things make you beautiful. Somebody can be a knockout but when they have an ugly attitude it makes them start to look ugly. God made us all different. No you won’t look like the person next to you because you are an artwork. You are an original. You are one of a kind. Be proud of that! God took his time to make you and he looks down on his artwork and admires it..shouldn’t you? 

Love yourself. Love yourself. Love yourself and stop comparing yourself to others. No my kids poster may not be the best poster in the class and I don’t care what the other mom’s did. No I don’t have Kelly Ripas body and I don’t have Kelly Ripas life. We will never be perfect. I will never be the perfect mom, wife, daughter, friend, and so on. I am not perfect and neither is anyone else..even Kelly Ripa is not perfect.  You may THINK you see perfection but there is not such thing.

LOVE YOURSELF! Love everything about you because you are one of a kind! Congratulate yourself on being a beautiful and original artwork! 

thanks berry for the image!


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