To Change or not to Change?….that is the question

What is your LIFE like right now? What are YOU like right now?

Answer these questions truthfully……..

Okay. What did you say? 

My life is great! I am in a great place. Great job. Great personal life. etc.. Or did you answer My life sucks. I suck. Everything sucks.

When I answer this question this is what I get……My life is FABULOUS! I have two wonderful boys (who drive me absolutely insane) and a wonderful husband and extended family that I love (who can drive me nuts as well, ha) I am about to start building a house (a lot of stress can come with this) I am pregnant with  baby number 3, hip hip hooray!! (aghhh 3 kids what was I thinking!!) I am at a good job (I don’t like some things with the job) I am doing GREAT! (except my body is changing to accommodate another life in it- my body is now for 2 people instead of just me)

What is my point? My point is I can find something to bitch about with everything! My kids I couldn’t imagine a moment without them! They are my everything and I can’t describe how much I love those tiny little humans but they can test my patience! I am so thrilled and realize just how lucky I am to be building a new house but I can bitch about the stress of building a new house and how exhausting it is.

I can find negative in all of it! BECAUSE of several things. First off nothing is EVER perfect! I AM NOT PERFECT! There is always a level of stress there as well. Next is it my attitude? Am I the one making it negative? Does my life really not suck? Am I just having a negative attitude about all of it? Negativity is contagious! Make sure you are positive! You don’t want to spread negativity!

Learn to love every moment and everything that is happening in your life. You never know what can happen. I am so lucky that God has allowed me to be pregnant and have healthy children. I am so lucky to even be able to afford to have a home while others struggle on the streets. I am lucky that I have a happy, loving family when others pray for good moms, dads, husbands, etc.. that encourage them and not put them down with physical or mental abuse.  I have seen a lot of struggles and I am grateful for all that has been given to me.

If I something in my life is bad! Then make changes! Don’t stay the same! CHANGE IT OR YOU! Don’t be scared to make a change! I am making a leap in my career! I am planning now so that after this baby that leap can be made! That change isn’t happening right now but I am working towards it! I am nervous but God has always had my back so I think it is going to end up all okay!

Go out today and change that ugly nasty attitude you have or change what is making you unhappy! Be positive! Today is a fabulous day!


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