I forgot to share this with all of you!

After my triathlon Russell bought me a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker – YAY! Yes I know it is a sad day when I am so excited over that – ha! What a good little hubby he is!

Anyways I LOVE IT! I have been making some Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream for the boys (ok and I had a couple of bites as well) but I am also making my own frozen yogurt!!! YES!!! It has been sooo good and I know exactly what I am putting in it! I love making the tart which is just greek yogurt and a little sugar! Totally obsessed! I get to have my frozen treats for less money and I know that it’s totally healthy! Plus I am full! It is very filling!

If you are debating – debate no longer! I am using it like crazy!

Go forth and purchase away my friends! Russell also purchased the green Tovolo tub to keep my ice cream in the fridge and it works great! Everything came from Amazon!

Greek Yogurt Recipe: NO IDEA where and which recipe because I looked at many different recipes and just went with it!

2 big plain greek yogurts (32 oz size)

1/2 cup of sugar (less or more depending on how tart you want it!)

*Strain the yogurt over night (I put mine in a paper towel lined colander and place it over a bowl in the fridge)

The next day mix the greek yogurt with the sugar and pour into your mixer! DONE! If you want to get crazy and add blueberries or honey or whatever! DO IT!!! The base is this greek yogurt and sugar then just add the fruit or whatever else you want. When I made peach I put the peaches in a blender and then mixed them in with the yogurt and sugar. If you want some big chunks I would add those at the very end like 2-5 mins before you stop the machine.

* I am thinking of trying it not strained because when it is strained and I put it in the freezer it gets hard. One of the recipes I used making Peach Yogurt didn’t strain the yogurt and I like the softer consistency better! 



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