If this doesn’t motivate you …then I don’t know what will!

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This girl has kicked some MAJOR butt! She wanted it, she worked for it, and she got it!

da mo 1106 Daily motivation (25 photos)

Looking AMAZING!!!

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These women could have just stayed the same. They could have never decided to make the changes and looked exactly the same BUT they didn’t! They decided to make changes of eating healthier and working out! Is it time for you to make a change? Decide that today is the day and COMMIT! Once you commit you can look and feel amazing again too!


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Change is hard and bad habits are hard to change!

People get down on themselves and think they CAN”T do it  before they even start or even after just 1 day of trying to be healthier. Can you give up smoking, drinking, cussing, etc.. in 1 day? Most of the time NO! Bad habits take time to break. Eating unhealthy and living an unhealthy lifestyle are bad habits that are not easily broken. 

Take 1 day at a time. Start with day 1 and say I am going to eat healthy today, just make it 1 day….just make it until the end of the day and tomorrow I can have a treat. Then wake up on day 2 and say okay just eat healthy for today and make it until the end of the day. It is 1 day at a time. Just like recovering alcoholics do…they say I will have that drink tomorrow. When you say I CAN’T have something it automatically makes you want it more. So don’t say I can’t have a chocolate candy bar just say I will have that another day. 

I never limit myself. I never say I can’t have something. I always ask myself  IS IT WORTH IT? IF the answer is yes than I have it! I can’t go through life depriving myself but I also have to keep check because there are a lot of things I can say…I haven’t had that in forever so I should get to eat it and so forth.

Once you start eating healthy and you start to enjoy eating healthy it will get easier and easier. Making the right eating choices will become easy just simply because your body will feel better! After you conquer eating healthy for a while start adding a little exercise in there. It is hard to do both at once so start eating right and then once you conquer that you can start adding a little exercise in!

Change is hard  and bad habits are hard to change BUT I believe in you and I know you can do it! I know it is hard, I have been there and done that BUT it is worth the hard work to feel good and be healthy!

Smoothie Challenge!

da mo 1717 Daily motivation (25 photos)

Use the chart above to help you create some super delicious smoothies for breakfast or snacks this week! I CHALLENGE YOU TO DRINK ONE SMOOTHIE A DAY FOR ONE ENTIRE WEEK! Think you can do it? Let’s see if you can! Then come back and tell me how much you are obsessed with having smoothies everyday! They are really great and tasty ways to sneak in all those good fruits and veggies your body needs!

Good Luck!

Endorphin’s make you happy….happy people just don’t shoot their husbands……

“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands,…they just don’t. “

Elle Woods Legally Blonde

Okay so I LOVE the movie Legally Blonde it is just too funny and I LOVE Reese Witherspoon as well. She is talking about Ali Larter’s character Brooke Windham not killing her husband. She says Brooke has an amazing exercise class and you get endorphins from exercising so she couldn’t have killed her husband. She is totally right!

When you exercise you body releases those endorphins that make you happier and feel better. I always feel better after I workout. I don’t feel the guilt, I feel less stressed, my body has been worked out so I feel good and I know I will sleep good that night, my mind has had a moment to rest so I can zone out for a few and I feel happier more confident – overall better about myself. 

I know you may hate to exercise but just try it. Start small and work your way up. I promise that if you keep at it a few weeks you will  notice some changes! HEY… it may even help you to not kill your husband! 😉

Legally Blonde quotes


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You are an original artwork!

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Have you ever compared yourself to someone else? Most likely you will answer yes!

Women are so bad about this. We feel like we should do it all and have it all. 

Everyone is beautiful in their own ways. Someone may have a gorgeous hair color, nice thick hair, beautiful eyes, good cheekbones, nice arms/hands/legs/feet/tummy or a wonderful personality. We each have SOMETHING that is GREAT! Think…what are some great things about you? Do you have a good sense of humor? Are you cheerful? Do you have pretty eyes? Are you compassionate? Different things make you beautiful. Somebody can be a knockout but when they have an ugly attitude it makes them start to look ugly. God made us all different. No you won’t look like the person next to you because you are an artwork. You are an original. You are one of a kind. Be proud of that! God took his time to make you and he looks down on his artwork and admires it..shouldn’t you? 

Love yourself. Love yourself. Love yourself and stop comparing yourself to others. No my kids poster may not be the best poster in the class and I don’t care what the other mom’s did. No I don’t have Kelly Ripas body and I don’t have Kelly Ripas life. We will never be perfect. I will never be the perfect mom, wife, daughter, friend, and so on. I am not perfect and neither is anyone else..even Kelly Ripa is not perfect.  You may THINK you see perfection but there is not such thing.

LOVE YOURSELF! Love everything about you because you are one of a kind! Congratulate yourself on being a beautiful and original artwork! 

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yes I know I make mistakes…..I’m only human

I have been meaning to write about my blog. When you read a good portion of my post you will notice a large amount of grammatical errors. Yes, I am aware that I might have used their instead of there. I also tend to misspell. When I am writing it is usually fast and I’m in a rush. I am a pregnant mom of 2 who does a whole lot more…. SOOOO expect there to be many typos and errors. HEY, I’m only human. I thought it would go to show you that I’m not perfect – never have and never will be! I am a human and I do make mistakes!

So when you read my blog and see a little error. Picture me exhausted hanging over my computer with a belly carrying a child (okay so a small belly right now), a cup of  (decaf)coffee in one hand, dark circles, hair disarray, and two kids hanging off me. Then laugh….laugh…laugh! And say I know that Rivers is intelligent but she is just tired as shit! hahahaha

Go out and MAKE A MISTAKE TODAY- it is a part of being human!

I am not in competition with you! I am only competing against myself!

Do you ever get people who feel like they have to compete with you?

They feel like they have to one up you on anything and everything. They have to bake a better cake than you, they have to workout harder than you, they have read more books than you, if you are a size 6 they are a 4, they are smarter than you on every subject, they can give a speech better, their kids are better, their husband or wife is better etc…

 AND you just want to scream I AM NOT IN COMPETITION WITH YOU!!!!

I know how it feels. Isn’t it exhausting? 

I go through most of my life not competing with others. I am who I am because I want to be that or do that. I compete with myself alone. I don’t look at this girl next to me and say I want to do that because she is doing that. I don’t say I want to run a 10 minute mile because that person is running a 10 minute mile. I got to a 10 minute mile because I wanted to get their myself! That was a personal goal of just making my self better. When I do things I do them for me! 

If you are a person who competes against others for the wrong reason please stop it. It is exhausting. Stop competing with everyone else and start competing with yourself. If your last run was  a 9:45 second run try to make it 9:40 the next time! Do what is best for you! You are not in competition with anyone else but yourself. All you need to beat is your previous goals. Don’t worry about smashing someone else goals. That is their goals you are smashing not  yours. I KNOW I will never win a triathlon or half- marathon BUT I do have my little personal goals! I don’t try to capture others dreams. I just capture my dreams (which was to just cross the finish line for my first ones). 

Competition is healthy but some take it to the next level. Stop competing and trying to be bigger and better than people around you. Keep focused on yourself!!!