Where I have been???

Well Hello Guys and Gals!

I must say it has been quiet a while. What all has been going on you ask? ALOT  

Lets see …We prepared our house to sale, we moved into the condo(mostly) and we should close on the house in August. We will start building our house this fall. We haven’t been eating good because we were living between two houses and no furniture in the condo so we could stage the house. Also, my exercise has slacked due to all this craziness. It has been absolutely crazy! We were in Biloxi and then just last week in New York. I have been fighting a sinus infection for 3 weeks nows, my tongue had swollen taste buds for 2 weeks, and a few other issues. When we were in new york I got pink eye – yep! I called my family doctor back home who tried to get a Dr friend in NYC write me an eye prescription since I could barely open my eye it was so swollen…she wouldn’t without seeing me and I was to far away so she suggested a clinic. The clinic I went to was absolutely horrible! It took days to get my prescription because of so many things wrong with it. It was a HOT MESS. Of course I didn’t let the pink eye stop me from having fun but it def. put a damper on the trip!

I realized in NYC that I was totally stressed. I had been going, going, going and it was messing with my immune system. I realized right then and there I needed to slow down and calm down. My body was trying to warn me but I had no idea I was doing and going to much. So this week I have focused on getting back in the gym, eating clean and healthy foods, sitting down for a moment, I even laid out in the pool this week. I have to take care of myself and realize when I need to slow down. So here I am slowing down. I am not superwoman and I have to not try to be. I can’t do everything.

People say you can have it all. I don’t believe that. I believe something always suffers. It could be you physically or mentally suffering, your children, your job, your spouse….something always suffers. It is hard to have it all. I have to say NO sometimes. I focus on saying No for a while then I get sucked right back in everything around me. So here I am again telling myself to de-stress!

The boys school is closed for the next two weeks and then Beck starts 4k so he will be at work with me one week before he starts. SO what I am trying to say here is I will be most likely MIA for a few weeks! BUT I will start right back up in mid-August to hopefully encourage you all to do better and be better! 

I will see you all in a few weeks and keep up your hard work to a better lifestyle!


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