Do we hate our lives?

Are you miserable? Do you hate your life?

Figure out why. Start thinking right now WHY are you miserable? What is it making you hate your life? 

I don’t hate my life at all, I actually LOVE it. I make my life what it is … awesome! I can let things get me down but I don’t! I can say I hate my life because of this and this but I don’t. I CHANGE IT!! 

If I don’t like how my life is going then I change the direction it is going. I fix what the problem is that is making me unhappy. If my job is making me so miserable that I am depressed and everyone around me can’t stand to be near me then I would start looking for another job and figuring out what to do next. If my marriage is making me unhappy I need to figure out why I am unhappy then fix it and so forth with everything in my life. I may have to make some adjustments and changes but I am fixing why I am miserable.

Some of us just have bad outlooks on life. I can ask you why you hate your life and you say may not can name why or you may name all these reasons and not see any good in any of it. You may say my job and my spouse suck. So you have  2 things in your life that are getting you down. Okay what do you hate about your job? The actually job, coworkers, your boss, pay? If it is co-workers stick to yourself and be quiet – put headphones in and ignore them for the most part. If your boss stinks maybe look for a new job or if the pay is bad and you can make more elsewhere try a new place. What is it that you hate about your marriage or spouse? If you say my partner is selfish, greedy, mean, or whatever. Have they always been this way and you are just now seeing it? Have they changed and become mean because you changed and haven’t paid them any attention? Maybe if you changed your attitude towards them they might change. Talk it out and tell them what is going on. They may be in a bad mood because you come home everyday hating your job and your life. That kind of attitude starts affecting people around you. It could be what is affecting your marriage! 

You make your life what you want it to be. So make changes to have a better life and see the good in all of it! Don’t think so negative about it. God gave us this beautiful life and we should enjoy every moment possible!


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