Don’t waste your life away by doing stupid stuff…..

I know in every town in every place there is a person you look at and wonder why in the hell did you do what you did. One of the people in the area I live was a major hottie back in the day – was in a band, played sports, had it all going for him but he let drugs take over his life. He rides around on bike in la-la land almost getting hit about 5/6 times a day. 

Why do we do things that are bad for us? 

We know that Crystal Meth is made with rat poison and so forth but yet people use it. We know that just one hit of a drug can stop your heart but some of us try it anyway!  Some of us continue to party night after night stay up late get little sleep. Others of us smoke, eat too much, don’t exercise, pop pills like candy and so forth. 


I think a lot of times we are searching. Searching for something in our lives. We want to be high so we can be happy. We want to eat that entire cake because it makes us happy. Have you noticed that the high from a pill, eating an entire cake, or buying a new Chanel person only last for a short period of time? Then you need another high, so you turn around and do it again.

Why can’t I make my life happy without abusing other things?

I have never done drugs because I make myself happy. I don’t need a drug to make me happy. I MAKE my happiness. I don’t look for a new pair of Jimmy Choo’s to make me happy or an entire package of chips. I don’t hop from party to party looking for happiness. I find happiness in myself and let it be. 

I wake up have my coffee, go to work, try to squeeze in a little prayer and meditation when possible, I try to get at least 7 hours of sleep, I try to eat as clean and healthy as possible/drink as much water and less crap, and hit the gym daily. I take time for myself to read and enjoy quite moments when they are available. I enjoy laughing with my mom, husband, friends, and family. I enjoy sharing a good meal with my hubby or quite time in the bed cuddling. Russell doesn’t have to buy me a BMW to show me his love. My parents didn’t have to give me cool clothes to show me they loved me. My friends don’t have to have money or be “cool” and get me in all the “hip” places.  I try to do good to my body. Do I get the perfect amount of sleep every night? Hell no! Do I not drink a little too much sometimes with the girls? Yes I do! Do I grab a fast food burger instead of eating a salad? YEP! Do I forget to mediate, pray, exercise, drink more water? YES SIR REE! Do I sometimes forget to live in the moment and love the screaming and yelling of my two sons? OF COURSE! BECAUSE I AM HUMAN! But I bring myself back. I tell myself to get back in order and treat my body good so that it last and last without major issues (hopefully) I tell myself to enjoy every moment! I never know when my last moment could be – I don’t want to waste it being high or ignoring  a my sweet boys asking me to play batman!

We focus on too much stuff that doesn’t matter. We need to focus on the real things – the simple things. We should look at the beautiful sky, green grass and trees, the beautiful cold waters and tall mountains. We should be thankful and relax when we hear giggling and laughing. We should take time to enjoy playing a card game with a friend or family. Why do we have to go out and get shit faced to the point we can’t remember what we did to have “fun”?

Stop leaning on these things to create your happiness. All these things will not make you truly happy! Don’t waste your life away on things that aren’t giving you a truly good life. Don’t waste your life start today! Create a new life of happiness for yourself!

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