Do we only think of ourselves?

I want you to truthfully answer this DO YOU ONLY THINK OF YOURSELF?

Think. Is it always about what YOU want? What is it going to get YOU? Or how it will help YOU? Is it always about what YOU need??

Some of us live our lives thinking only about our needs and wants. We don’t think of others and what all they may need and want as well. Something that is trash to us may just be that thing one person has been needing. So why not give it to someone else who really needs it?

I think to myself a lot, Man I really do not want to do this and then I think about how I am thinking of only myself. Yes, I would rather spend an hour on the couch watching a movie instead of helping someone I don’t know but I don’t. I stop and think of how selfish I am being. I need to give my time, kindness, love, energy to others as well. I do set a limit because I can lose all of me if I don’t say no some. BUT I try to give and do for others as much as possible. Sometimes money stops that. I may want to purchase dinner and send it to a loved one or friends house to help out for the night but can’t necessarily afford to do it. I may want to do something but don’t have the time. Take those can’ts and help in other ways if you can. Ask if you can keep their kids for an hour to help them out if you don’t have the money to help or order them dinner if you don’t have the time but have the money. Think of things you can do for others and not only what will you get you ahead in life. Don’t we want others to have a better life as well? I want everyone to enjoy their lives and if I can just a little then  I will try. NO I don’t always get to because I am being pulled in 50 different ways but I try. I find little happies and try to offer my support as much as I can! Not only to strangers by handing them a dollar but for my husband and kids they are first and I am last. I put them first. I buy them clothes or things a lot of times over my wants. I want them to have what they need and I can get later. Russell thinks the same as me – he gives to me and the kids first and puts himself last. 

Only thinking of yourself hurts you in the long run. So really try and be a little more giving of your love, time, money, etc.. work on it for a few weeks. When you do something for long enough it sticks!

What goes around comes around and remember if you are a selfish mean person it will come back to haunt you.

GIVE GIVE GIVE so that others can experience the joy you have as well!


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