Just keep swimming…..

Just keep swimming…just keep swimming!

So this came to me one day when I was running. Just keep swimming from Finding Nemo. Sometimes our lives get hard or continuously stay hard. We find ourselves in bad positions and it is really hard to think positive. We feel small, defeated, and miserable. We feel like a little fish who is about to get gobbled up OR really more like shredded by a mouthful of teeth. 

It is hard to stay positive and cheerful when all around you things are falling apart. You may have lost a job, lost connection with a loved one or friend, deaths, drug and alcohol abuse, and sooooo much more. We think our life is okay and then boom one day you  turn around and this shark has been waiting behind you the entire time ready to pounce when you least expect it. 

Don’t let these things tear  you down and make your life worse. Get up and change what is happening. Outsmart that shark. If you lost your job immediately (of course after 24 hrs of self-pity and a drink) get on the new jobs that are listed, start asking people about openings and realize you may have to do something different. That is okay. Maybe God has something else is store for you that you don’t even know about yet. If you lost a loved one mourn, of course mourn!!!!!! BUT keep in your head that you have to go on and think about that person. Would they want you living your life in depression or living it joyfully? Keep that person in your thoughts and be dedicated to them but also remember YOU aren’t dead YOU are living so LIVE your life don’t stay in a depression for years and years.  I think dedicating  yoga sessions and a beach trip and talking to them like they can hear is still remembering them but keeping you moving. If your partner cheated on  you with another person or is doing drugs/drinking too much. DO NOT let that be the death of you. Put your thinking cap on and figure out what your next move is. Could your relationship be healed? Could you trust? Do they need help such as rehab? If you can’t move on that is okay and if you can move on that is okay. BUT don’t waste everyday sad and upset that your person you trusted betrayed you. YES you get your time to heal  but you also need to figure out what is next for you.  Don’t waste your life being mad and sad about that person. 

Things will happen…..that’s life! How you react to them is what sets us all apart. I always flip out for the first probably 3 hours and then I pull myself together and put my thinking cap on. I figure out what all my options are and how I can fix this problem. All problems can somehow be fixed, you may have to push pride to the side but all problems can be fixed..there is a solution!!! You just have to find the right solution and do it ..which sometimes can be the hardest part. Sometimes we find that solution but can’t make the move for it to happen. 

When things get hard tell yourself to just keep swimming. JUST KEEP GOING!! Try your hardest and outsmart that shark!


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