Rome wasn’t built in a day….

da mo 1410 Daily motivation (25 photos)

This saying really puts it all in perspective! Great things take time. You can’t rush it. Rushed work always ends up bad. The construction may look good in the beginning and then months down the road you find your house falling apart. Same thing with your body. You can pop a pill or starve yourself but it isn’t actually changing anything. A few months/years down the road you have gained they weight back OR you are actually sick/ very unhealthy possibly needing to be a in Doctors care- you are tearing your body down. YES eat right and exercise is slower than popping a pill but the weight stays off longer and your aren’t risking your health – you are actually helping it!

Know that each day is hard work and that each day leads to the next. It may take you a year to lose the weight but at least you lost it the healthy way.

Take this quote not just for you health but for the things you want to accomplish. If you want a new job or move to a new place it may take some time. Hey and that’s okay! Time my friend – TIME! Be patient!


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