I run slower than internet explorer on 90’s dial up…..

da mo 1923 Daily motivation (25 photos)

This is tooo funny and way true! I started out sooo slow! I mean so slow! It was taking me 40 minutes or more to run 3.1 miles that was around 5 years ago. Over the years with babies in between I worked on getting stronger. I now can run 3.1 miles in 30 minutes.  Just because I ran slow in the beginning didn’t mean I was going to quit. I knew that I would get faster. I knew it would take time but eventually I would get stronger and run faster/longer. If you want to get better then you need to “practice” right? So you start off slow – eventually you will kick butt! Each time I run I work harder so that I can keep beating my previous times. Getting there is slow, trust me! BUT it is worth it!!

Just because your slow doesn’t mean you have to quit or that you need to be embarrassed. HEY at least you are out there trying your hardest and being better than you were! That is what it’s all about! BEING BETTER! Getting out there and running slow is better than not running at all!

thanks berry for the image!


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