Meet Rascal

I have forgotten to post about my dear sweet friend Rascal. Rascal does not fit him…his name should be Satan.  hahaha   I was riding my bike one Saturday and up on the right hand side I see 10-year-old girl (who I know somewhat – her mom and I use to be in Bunco together) and she is holding this dog on a leash. I move to the left and I see this loook in his eyes like FRESH MEAT!!!! SHIT FIRE. So I immediately give  off my body the I am not scared of you I will kick and hit you if you bite me….most animals sense your fear and it makes it worse. SO I prepare my body and mind. The dog is pulling and going crazy the little girl (poor little girl) she is struggling trying to hold him and keep him contained she is crying out and yelling his name “Rascal” and so I’m trucking on – he is too much strength for her and he rips loose. He is chasing behind me (fast dog because my ass was pedaling away) barking, growling – think I saw some foam in there, lol. I prepared my leg to kick if needed   (Russell taught me – to use my bike as a shield – put in between me and the dog since it is so light for those of you who don’t know this). Old Rascal came very close to getting my Achilles tendon but I pedaled like my ass had never pedaled and got away just in time – he followed me for 3 blocks though! I was so pissed the rest of my bike ride that I had a faster ride than normal. Damn Rascal…if you have dogs like this keep them in the backyard or put them on a leash someone can handle. The guy who lives across the street lets his dog free and one day went chasing after a women running with her baby in the stroller – she kicked the dog when it came up to her teeth showing and I don’t blame her. We have to protect ourselves.

I LOVE animals. I grew up with sheep, dogs, cats, turkeys, cows, horses, pigs, ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, west african grey parrot… I mean the list goes on and on! My dad taught me about animals and how to love and nurse them back to health (most people don’t have two baby calves in their living room in the dead of winter in front of the heater with hair dryers trying to get them warm…both of them died on me. I was nursing them with bottles and I remember using the hair dryer to help keep them warm and I quit just for a minute because my arm was exhausted and one died – later the other one followed.) I know were an animal is in rank to our world, I realize some animals just have animal instinct and you have to be careful – you never let your guard down too much especially with horses and cows. Animals have personalities and feelings…we had a psychotic cow one time that when he saw the light go on in our house he would moo and cry out for hours. My dad would close the curtains and wouldn’t let us turn on the lights until finally my mom said Gary this is crazy our cow is holding us hostage in our own house. haha He finally moved that cow back out to the other land. When you are raised with all these animals you learn and know them. I experienced a lot of death with animals simply because I owned a lot of them..over the years I had a lot of animals I mean A LOT – they were all pretty much outside except a few. I respect and love animals but I also know that it is an animal. They will is okay – we all die. It is okay to be sad I still get sad thinking about my favorite cat crybaby. My brothers black lab killed her. That dog killed so many of my cats and I would get so pissed off at Gavin and his damn dog. Belle couldn’t help it. That is what she was. A hunting dog. It was in her from day one. It is life though…animals aren’t meant to live for an eternity. Also it is okay for animals to stay outside….it is an animal but I also understand having them in the house. I get putting animals in their place because they are like children. You let them know you have fear and it is all over…they will run all over you. I always remember my dad standing next to our horses and he had this presence about him. He would stand right next to them and pet and love them but then as soon as he saw that horse getting an attitude dad would get this face and posture about him and he would nudge the horse and that is all it took. He could put them in their place in a heartbeat. He taught me not to be scared, they can sense your fear and it gets them freaked out but isn’t that with a lot of animals?!?  Though he taught me not to be scared he also taught me not to be stupid. Keep your eyes open because they can turn on you in a heartbeat and they don’t necessarily mean it. There are a lot of reasons they can turn. We had a horse that had been abused from a previous owner and poor thing has wild eyes. You can see it in him. He is terrified and it won’t ever go away the abuse is there still and will always be. 

I am not saying to not love and cherish your pets but for sake of the people running, playing, biking near your house if they even think of acting out you need to keep them in the backyard or take them to roam in the country for a few hours. This is the 2nd time a dog has come after me. One day about a year ago I was running and this dog came out after me. The entergy man saw it all going down and he was watching on looking worried…contemplating what to do. I put on my I will kick the shit out of you and go wild on you dog (the superior mode) and he eventually ran off. I really do think daddy was right. Let them know you are superior let them know you are in control – just like with your children. So little old Rascal you don’t scare me I will keep on riding and maybe start carrying some mace just in case 😉


One thought on “Meet Rascal

  1. Nothing is worse than getting jacked by someones dog. The owners ought to know that the dog is aggressive, and should take measures that the dog isn’t a danger to people. An electric dog fence comes to mind. I think that people that are irresponsible shouldn’t own pets.

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