91!! ….91 years and still going…

Russell’s Grandfather, Julius Gainspoletti turned 91 this past weekend.  I couldn’t help but reflect on age. He is very proud to be an American and is a veteran fighting in World War II. He is Italian. His family came from Italy docking of course at Ellis Island. They came to the Mississippi Delta to do what everyone was doing at that time – working on farms. Gainspoletti is not our real name. It was “I believe Gaimpoletti”? I always forget, lol. Papaw’s father couldn’t write so a man next to him signed his name in the books at Ellis Island and from then on the name was Gainspoletti. 

Papaw has always been a hard worker and loves telling us stories of the past. He struggled growing up poor and raised 4 children as well with little money.  He lost his wife Mary in 2002 and has a “shrine” to her – he lights candles and has pictures of her. He misses her so much that every day is a battle for him. Love like that is lost in today’s world. Few of us has that kind of love. That REAL love. That love when you can barely breath without the person. Movie kind of love. Love that you hope one day will find you. I am lucky. I found that. I found my “love story”. True or Real love is when you love somebody so much that you stop doing things for yourself and do for them. Real love is putting their needs above yours. Real love is loving someone so much that it hurts AND they have that same love for you right back.  Love stories have arguments, fights, tears but in the end you always come back to each other. 

I think back on papaws life. 91 years…91! FULL. He has had such a full life. He is content and has loved his life. I look at him and see how life really does fly by. Beck is now 4 when it seems like he was just a baby crying 24/7, ha! I think back to my life now and just how quickly the past 10-12 years have flown by. Life is short. It doesn’t seem it when your little. In elementary and high school life went by so slooooww! I look at my parents aging and I realize just how precious our time on earth is. 91 years seems like a very long time and a very long life but really it isn’t. I will turn around one day and be “hopefully” celebrating my 91st birthday and think where did the years go?

I look at people older than me and remind myself to be grateful for every single day – every day! Even the hard ones when I think I can’t wait for the next day so hopefully it can be a better day. Enjoy this life God has given us. It is short and we don’t have as much time as we think we do.

Go out today and celebrate! Celebrate your life! Whether it is good or bad! That bad will eventually turn into good and then you can celebrate even more!

*I couldn’t get my photo added of him today! I will have to later this week!


3 thoughts on “91!! ….91 years and still going…

  1. Happy Birthday! 91 is fantastic. Just to think back and to see what he has seen in his lifetime. Going from a war torn country to the promise of a new life in the US. I’m sure that he has some great stories to tell.

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