As this post is being posted I am about to be in the super cold water swimming and hopefully not getting kicked in the face or drowning. After the swim I shall bike and then hit the road running. Am I nervous? Why hell yes I am!!! I am nervous about getting kicked, hit, or water from other people messing up my breathes in the swim. I am nervous riding my bike with a lot of other people – never done that before…oh and I am slow. Nervous that I will use up all my energy from my adrenaline rush that I won’t have any for my run.

Nervous. Nervous. Nervous.

Nervous is good. I like nervous. It means I am doing something new and different! I am trying something out of my comfort zone! SO HERE I GO!!

I am participating in the Memphis in May Sprint Triathlon – starting small here people. ha ha…. It is a 400 meter swim, 12 mile bike, and a  3.1 mile run. So why did I sign up?? My husband and a friend. Russell has tried for a little while now to get me to participate but the bike just terrified me. Then a friend I run with occasionally talked about the bike she had and how it was a mam-maw race bike. I was like OK, OK..I may could do it if I got a bike that wasn’t sooo serious! AND so I did! My bike is a specialized bike but straight handlebars and fatter tires oh and I’m not clipped in! It is more ME! ha  (except without the pink)    SO a BIG THANK YOU to my husband for motivating me and helping me and for Lisa who taught me it is okay to race on a mam-maw bike!

So here goes nothing! I dedicated my first half-marathon to myself and my family! I wanted them to be proud and I wanted to know that I could do it. They helped me to get there and finish..having the boys at the end only made it better.  I dedicate this race (my first triathlon) to those women/men out there that think they can’t do it! To those of you trying to get healthy and the fight you give everyday! I want you to KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!! You see me stepping outside my comfort zone so now it is time for you to step outside of yours! ROCK IT BECAUSE YOU CAN!

I will blog next week about it and hopefully I remember or Russell remembers to take some pictures! 

Love and Peace to all of you! 



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