Motivation to get you up on off your BUTT!!!

da mo 132 Daily motivation (25 photos)

Be proud that you exchanged you coke for water. Be proud you went walking instead of watching tv on the couch. Be proud that you ate grilled fish instead of fried chicken. Be proud you ran 1/4 of a mile. BE PROUD YOU STARTED AND KEEP GOING! It takes time to get where you want to be. Be proud of each step you take. Those steps are what make you who you want to be!

da mo 213 Daily motivation (25 photos)

WATCH OUT! SHE IS SMOKING HOT! That body didn’t come from sitting on the couch eating chips and drinking cokes! You want a body like this??? Then stop the whining, stop the excuses and get your butt up and do something about it!!

da mo 42 Daily motivation (25 photos)

IF you want it – this has to be you lifestyle!!

da mo 110 Daily motivation (25 photos)

Going – Going – Gone!!! Steps – Each step you have to be proud of!!

da mo 142 Daily motivation (25 photos)

This is the MAIN THING!!! WATCHING WHAT YOU EAT! IT IS HARD TO DO!! It is the most important part!

da mo 36 Daily motivation (25 photos)

YEP! IT IS TRUE!!!  FIND THE TIME!! MAKE THE TIME!! I AM CRAZY BUSY SO I SQUEEZE IN MY WORKOUTS WHEN I CAN! If I missed a workout before I get the boys I squeeze it in that night after they get in bed – yes it is 8:30 and 9:00 before that happens sometimes but hey I know how important it is to get some physical activity in! You suck it up and do it! It is important – YOU ARE IMPORTANT! 

No excuses! My husband is a volunteer firefighter, has a 8-5 finance job, is studying for his CFA, is a member/on the board/president of quiet a few organizations around the town, has two kids and a wife and still finds time to squeeze in his workouts- NO EXCUSE! We work together so that we both get our workouts in and we help each other achieve that!

da mo 146 Daily motivation (25 photos)


thanks to theberry for the images!!!


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