To Juice or not to Juice, that is the question

In the past few years juice diets and detoxes have become all  the rage! It seems like there is always something new everybody is trying! So the question is Should I juice or not? Let me help you decide!
Why I am against it:
  • our body detoxes itself so we don’t need any special  things to make it detox – it already does
  • you need more nutrients than what all juice gives you
  • high in sugars
  • more likely to binge when you are finished with your juice diet because you are starving – so you just put on the few pounds you lost –
  • pretty much only losing water weight not fat

Why I am for it:

  • get your vitamins
  • get your veggies and fruit in for the day
  • can be a great snack or replace breakfast or lunch
Basically most people are on a juice diet to detox their body or lose a little weight. You aren’t going to detox your body – your body already detoxes itself – go sweat/exercise, drink water, and eat clean/healthy! That is enough detoxing right there! If you want to lose weight do the exact same thing…sweat/exercise, drink water, and eat healthy! IF you are eating healthy and getting a good mix of food – then you will get all the nutrients and vitamins you need!
My  thoughts are adding the juice as a snack or doing it for breakfast is great but simply living off juice isn’t ideal.
So to juice or not to juice?? FOR ME????  NO! I like to actually chew my food and can’t live off just liquids plus I just don’t really see the benefits to do it all day everyday! I may do it for a snack or breakfast but that will be it! Your choice but for me I’m out! I will stick to eating healthy and exercising! Water and clean healthy food (that I can actually chew) here I come!!

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