Well hello there!!!!!

I am BACK!!!

Well last week was a whirl wind and it looks like this week shall be the same! The end of the year and I have final grades for high school and college that have to be put in so I am working away especially since I missed some last week! We do statistics for our schools so I have that as well. OHH and we had a “little” problem at our house we are dealing with and we are trying to somewhat move into the condo so we can sell our house because we will start building this fall. Russell’s 2nd part of the CFA is in 3 weeks! YIKES! haha my head may just explode..Okay so the boys are better but Noah is still crazy teething  with 3 molars coming in..OH WAIT I am not done ..TRAINING?? What training??? Yea right – pool didn’t happen because of a lot of issues and now it is closed for a few weeks until summer school starts up, along with the gym so no more swimming for me until Saturday at the Triathlon! It has been pure chaos but OH WELL that’s life isn’t it?!?!? I mean I sure wasn’t going to win an award on Saturday but I would’ve like to have had the last 2-3 weeks to train a little better – sadly this didn’t happen for me. OH WELL!

My HAIR?? I have always done it and like to leave a few different blondes running through it. My hairdresser decided to go full on platinum with no other blondes in it. I trust him and like the way he cuts my hair so……..

I had people asking to see my hair


this is right before I went in

…..drum roll please…


this is right after (excuse the crazy hair – we just blew it dry and left it not styled since I had to run home to sick kids) AGHHH WHAT! When I got in the car I freaked out for a moment and told myself Rivers, you know it will calm down in a few days…it will be fine…AGHHHH…I walk in and Russell’s comment “WOW that’s blonde” AGHHHH…another friends comment “WOW, THAT’S BRIGHT”  ohhh shit ….



This is it on Friday! Finally calmed down a good bit!! NOW everybody is saying they love it! It just needed to calm down I believe 😉  I am still on the fence about keeping it this blonde – I love the bottom because that is what I had before but the roots being this blonde is what I am trying to adjust to.

Okay so now I am back on track this week! My house is utter chaos and my life but hopefully my blog will get back to normal this week!

Side note: My blogs during the weeks will be a few less during the summer and will pick back up in full swing in the fall! I will still be posting but just not everyday!! IT’s summer! I can’t be pent-up at a computer screen when I can be outdoors enjoying everything around me 😉

Have a jolly good week y’all!!! If you are having a week or two weeks like me just keeping smiling and moving on like nothing is happening!


4 thoughts on “Well hello there!!!!!

  1. I think that it looks great! Actually, both colors look great on you! As far as the blogging is concerned, I can already see a decrease on lots of blogs on wordpress. I agree, can’t spend beautiful days in front of a computer! Have a great day!

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