THANK YOU Mom for not being Betty Draper!

Well I am a day late! HA  But I am excused because my life has been utter chaos.

Mother’s day was yesterday, how many of you thanked that lady in your life who took care of you and is still taking care of you? Moms do it all! Not only do we carry you for 9 months, endure painful childbirth, wipe your ass, feed you, soothe you, encourage you, pick you up when you are down but we also pray for you, cry for you, care for you like no other. When my boys are hurt then. I am hurt, when they are sad I am sad, when they are happy I am happy. I feel every emotion they feel plus mine. Anything they need I do or make happen. I give and give because I love them so. Have you sat and thought of what all your mom has done and will do for you? My mom has given and given and given and hasn’t stopped yet. She has always put her self last (too many times). She encouraged me, loved me, gave me confidence, and picked me up when I had a bad day. Even if you didn’t have the best mom like I was so lucky to have, your mom still cared. Every mom cares and deserves to hear just those two words – Thank you – you don’t have to say anything else – no I love you’s or whatever but at least say Thanks!

Mom, thank you for being my best friend and mom. You are truly the best mom anyone could have. You have given me culture, intelligence, bravery, confidence, loyalty, and so much more. You have made me the woman I am today and I can’t thank you enough for your hard work. That hard work did pay off 😉 Thanks for not being a Betty Draper (mad men). Betty deep down loves her kids but just doesn’t get it. She just doesn’t understand what being a mom is all about! She isn’t the best mom but she truly does care deep down in there! If you had a mom like Betty I am sorry. Use that to make you a better parent to your kids!

If you are a mom keep it up! Your hard work is doing something good! Give your love and support but also discipline your child. When you combine these 3 things with the lord in your life you will end up with the best kids – hard work but it is all worth it! Just ask my mom 😉


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