This week!

Well guys and gals it has been a hell of a week! ha First off Rob thank you for the award I saw it Monday and I am getting to it I PROMISE!! I am very honored and I thank you so much for thinking of me! Let’s see Monday I was supposed to have a presentation ( a man who is looking to donate a lot of money to us) it got cancelled, at Noon on Monday I got a call Noah had 102 fever. I go down and pick him up poor thing was so sick. He has 3 molars he is working on so I figured some of it may be that but my children have never run 102 with just teething so I call and get him an appt. with the doctor while trying to figure out what to do about my hair appt at 1:00. I have always done my own hair but trusted this new guy to do it! He only comes in to town every 2 weeks. Was about to cancel but my sweet husband came to the rescue. When I was in the hair chair my husband and Noah were at the doctor. I got a phone call at 2:00 saying Beck was throwing up and had fever. I had dye on my hair so I called Russell who was just finishing at the Doctor (who said he was teething) and he went to pick up Beck. I get home to both boys sick and sad. My hair you ask? Blonde, very blonde. Platinum. Playboy blonde. I have always been platinum blonde but not all the way to the roots. I usually dye mine a little darker blonde at the top and fade to the lighter platinum. I think I will ask him to try that when he comes back in two weeks, this is a little to harsh on my face. Anyways the boys have had fever from 99 to 102 over the past few days. We are running on lack of sleep and lots of whining/crying. I took the boys to the Pediatrician in Clarksdale yesterday since they still had fever, she said it was a virus – I think it’s the fever virus. I believe Beck only threw up because his fever got so high. At night Becks fever spikes usually around 12:00 and he is burning up with a headache..then he can’t sleep for a few hours because of the fever so he is wiggling all over the place. We are both super exhausted. Russell is still studying for his 2nd part to the CFA which he test for in June so he is getting home at 11 and 12 at night then we are dealing with sick kids. I have grades due and the presentation got rescheduled for Friday morning. Working out? How is that going for me you ask!?!?!? Not good, Not good my friend. Last week I worked out but I was a slacker and just everything was against me. I got to the pool to find swim practice going on so no swimming last week – I got in a swim on Saturday. I thought I could work it hard this week because I was going to take a”mental health” day and go with Russell to get his bike that was supposed to be fixed for the triathlon. WELL no mental health day (which was very much-needed) because boys were sick but also Russell’s handlebar (he stepped on it- I know crazy right – my barre got in his way and he tripped and crush his handlebar/brake) will not be ready until the end of the month. SOOO the triathlon will be all on my own! YIKES!!! Russell would’ve flew past me anyways but it was nice just to have someone you know there. So I am on my own, he is going to drive me and watch me so at least I have that! I am quite nervous! Is it bad to have drink before your triathlon?? 😉 haha j/k  I like the nerves they mean I am doing something new and exciting!!  Anyways I think my time won’t be that grand since workouts have not been good last week and this week with sick kids it just isn’t happening. I did squeeze in an insanity video last night. Was very tired but I made it. I did cry a little last night okay and this morning just because I am super exhausted and so much has happened this week that I haven’t even named. I am run down and need a good rest day..that won’t be coming for a while. I told you I believe this was becoming a thing with me! Sickness seems to find me before my first big races. At least this one is the week before…maybe I can catch up on some rest next week. I am not really worried about time anyways – this was all for fun and just doing it to keep in shape!  I do want to thank my cheering section! I have had so many people asking me about it and my training – wanting me to do so good. I love the support and to hear people are rooting for me. Thank you! So how has my eating been this week – not great but not horrible. I have no time because the children need me right now so I pick what I can eat holding a child. Trying to eat fruit and veggies but I have had a hamburger from Mcdonalds and a small diet coke yesterday after the doctor and today I had 5 chicken nuggets for lunch from Wendys yep – no healthy, not filling at all and I’m starving so I am munching on celery as I type and drinking unsweetened tea for some caffeine. My sweet husband put some steak in a marinade for my lunch today but I didn’t have time to grill it since I had to run to work really fast for grades, oh and its teacher appreciation week (food and gifts for tomorrow). Which leads me to ….I HAVE SOME REALLY GREAT NEW RECIPES FOR YOU ALL!!! I have a great homemade wheat bread recipe, chicken caesar pitas, and korean beef tacos! I will have to post next week! Just too crazy right now! I know you have all gotten my post the past few days (I set up my post early sometimes – it just helps with the kids!) but I haven’t actually been typing in a few days. Hopefully I will back and at it next week! I hope you all have a good weekend and I look forward to catching up with you next week!!


2 thoughts on “This week!

  1. Wow, I was complaining about the chaos in my life. You have me beat by a mile! I hope that the kids are doing well by now. It seems like disaster strikes when you can’t respond to it. Thank goodness for Russell! As far as that platinum color, I’m sure that you’re going to share with us your new color. 🙂

    • yes yes it has been a crazy week for sure! But those crazy weeks make us stronger! They are feeling great today finally back at school/daycare! haha yes I will be sharing my new hair color – not quiet sure it will stay this blonde yet – still on the fence!

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