Parlez vous francais? Yo disfruté viajar. France? New York? Jamaica?

Spring is in full swing and summer is right around the corner. I can’t help but think about vacations just because this time of the year begs to be explored. A great deal of us will continue through this beautiful time without taking a break. Why? Don’t we all need a break from reality and the daily grind?!?!? I think when we travel we explore not only new areas but a newness inside of us rises. We become our old selves again not the sleep deprived, overworked, tired people that we are in life. Travel gives us our selves again. Sometimes we just need a mental health day or days. When I travel I find that I am more laid back, less stressed, happier, and I find the inner Rivers that gets lost in day to day life. Travel leads me to see things and do things that I have never done before.

Why do we resist the urge to travel? Is it money? Time? Lack of travel partners? Can’t decide where to go? All easily solved! Money is always an excuse used. YES I do understand that sometimes you just can’t. You can barely pay your rent or feed your kids so travel or vacation is out of the question. That doesn’t mean you can’t “vacation”. First off if you just can’t, I understand…you just can’t. BUT you can make your own vacation! Russell and I couldn’t afford to go anywhere our first year married AND he had to take the CPA test on our anniversary sooo we didn’t get to go anywhere. Did it stop this creative momma? NO! He came home after testing to “Jamaica”. I had all the ingredients for jerk chicken and pineapple. We had red stripe beer and rum/cokes. I pulled the mattress off the bed and placed on the living room floor with a net over it and Jamaican music was playing. I also brought in our bamboo table from outside and fixed it up with flowers and candles. I had a major island feel going on! I even dressed in beach attire! If you can’t afford to go anywhere you can always bring the place to you!! Next do you know anyone that would mind you staying two nights with them in a different town? Even when I just go to Memphis, Jackson, Greenwood, Oxford, and so forth for a night I feel like I have had a vacation. I don’t live there so I am still experiencing something that I don’t do every day. What about camping and/or canoeing? Throw a tent out for cheap and float in the river/lake for free! You have your food there so no need to eat out! What about splitting a trip with others? I have been to the beach numerous times with different girls so that we can all split the cost of a condo. We aren’t ashamed to sleep on a blowup mattress if we have to. On a trip to Nashville we had 10 girls in 1 hotel room to save money (this was back in the day before I had a real job). I have been to New Orleans and stayed with 6 girls and Russell in 1 hotel room – good story behind that one ….bad (I MEAN DANGEROUS) hotel when we got there so Russell booked a new hotel, only 1 room left so we all shared! If you are single or young and don’t care this is a perfect solution!  In today’s world there are tons of sites you can check for deals as well!

Time an issue? You have to make time! If you don’t make time for yourself and live your life it just becomes one big tangled mess. Lighten up and realize that work isn’t the only thing you have. There is more to life than a 9-5 job. The lack of travel partners stop some people from venturing out. I understand this somewhat because it is scary embarking on adventure by yourself BUT at the same time it is exhilarating. Russell has conventions and business meetings in big cities and during the day he is gone and busy. That leaves me exploring the city by myself…and I DO! I don’t sit in my hotel room waiting on him! I go out and see what all I can! In San Diego I traveled 30-45 minutes by taxi to a nearby beach town. Chilled on the beach watching surfers by myself, shopped a minute at local places, and then realized I couldn’t get a taxi back. OH SHIT! Ha-ha So I talked with different people in stores and found out I had to take a bus back…and so I did. Called my mom and talked to her the whole ride just so I felt a little better…if I died at least she knew how! Lol   No really the bus was fine but I did hit one very wrong area when I got off the bus trying to get back to my hotel! Needless to say I was walking briskly pass  a lot of scary men talking on  my phone with my right hand in a fist ready to use those fighting skills my brothers taught me. On that trip I was young, 22 to be exact! I learned a lot about myself and actually how to handle myself. That trip taught me a little bit about how to be an adult and fend for myself. I have been all over the place Europe, Mexico, Jamaica, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, New York, South and North Carolina, California, Nevada, Texas, Illinois, and still going!  I take advantage while I am out for summer and enjoy the beautiful world that is around me! God has given us such a  magnificent place to wander! I want to roam as much as he will let me!

Travel teaches us. We grow from it and we become better people. The experiences and spontaneous moments create wonderful memories for us! Memories that last much longer than a pair of designer shoes cost. Travel makes me whole again. It makes me fresh and ready to take on the world until my next vacation at least! Nobody said it had to be a week long! Just one night away in a different place can make an alteration in your attitude. Start planning a vacay today for the coming weeks!  You never know what you will experience or who you will meet! These are the memories and experiences you will remember for the rest of your life.

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4 thoughts on “Parlez vous francais? Yo disfruté viajar. France? New York? Jamaica?

  1. Excellent advice! There is ALWAYS a way to get some vacation/family time. Can’t go to Jamaica? Bring Jamaica home. It’s not always financially feasible to go on vacation, but even going to an overnight hotel with a pool is fun for the kids. It’s so good for children to travel, and not just to places like Disney, but just to other parts of the country, and then the world. It’s important that they see how things are different from what they experience each day. Excellent post!!

    • I agree! It makes them well-rounded and I think they are more accepting to different cultures.
      I would much rather take my kids canoeing in Arkansas, to the mountains in Gatlinburg or Colorado, or a big city than Disney! Disney is a good vacation to just ride and have fun but they don’t really learn or get a cultural experience. I think eating what the locals eat and experiencing each place for what it is know for is the best vacation not just for me but for my kids as well!

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