This Saturday I was supposed to swim for 30, bike for 30, and then run for 30! WELLL let me start over – really April the 12th I was supposed to do this BUT I had Beck’s Birthday that weekend and then the next was Easter so I am just now getting to do this…my training guide is a little messed up right now, ha!

ANYWAYS, I have been worried about what I was going to wear. WHAT can I swim in and run in that will hold my boobs in place! I talked with a girlfriend of mine who has done some triathlons before and she is letting me borrow her outfit! WOOHOOOO! That saved me some $ until I decided I like these and want to keep competing! Plus, it helps me know what I like and what I don’t. She let me borrow her swimsuit top and triathlon top/bottom. So I put the swimsuit top on, ummmmm yeah right! I jumped a few times to give it a test (AGHHHHH FLASHBACKS to 7th grade running track with a size D chest** and guys standing around the fence to stare at my boobs- YEP this is not a lie- I have had boobs since…well hell since I can remember! I think I came out of my moms womb wearing a bra! ha No really, I did start wearing my first bra in elementary – no joke.   Boobs have been my life forever – I have been asked if they were fake about a billion times now. No they are not fake. *Nobody made awesome sports bras back then, so I would wear 2 and 3 sports bras trying to tame them….needless to say I ended up quitting track* Anyways back to the swimsuit top she wanted me to wear…ummm yeah right! Russell had a good time watching me jump up and down but I was like ohhhh hellll no! SOOO I put on my Juno bra and decided to give her the triathlon test! I put my bra on and then the triathlon shirt and shorts.

I went swimming but didn’t swim for the full 30!  My niece and nephew were spending the night so I had left Russell with 4 kids from ages 1 to 9. I knew I couldn’t be too long! lol I swam two warm up laps and then did my 400 meter swim. Then I rode my bike for 30 mins and  ran for 30. ANY CHAFFING????? NOOOOOO!!! My JUNO BRA worked PERFECTLY!!! The back was pretty dry the front was still wet but it didn’t chaff or bother me! This is my smaller size Juno bra so it doesn’t move AT ALL! So make sure you get it tight! The triathlon clothes were pretty dry and I felt great! I was excited to get to try all of the gear out first! Thanks Lisa for letting me borrow it! I have a feeling I will be buying my own after this race! I really did have fun Saturday just doing it by myself! Now I know what I like and what to look for! SO for you ladies with larger boob issues I suggest you try the Juno bra! Give her a test! She is perfect for any type of exercise and I have loved having her! *As I mentioned in my first post about her make sure you get a tight one – the larger ones chafe me!

How were the brick legs you ask??? NOT BAD!!! I guess because Thursday I rode my bike for 10 miles and then ran so I was pretty prepared – it was hard for the first mile and half but then it got better but man oh man you feel like your legs and feet are made out of concrete or “bricks”. Saturday I kept a little slower pace but not terrible! It was around a 10:30 pace. I figure that triathlon day I will actually keep slower pace than Saturday for several reasons. First off in the swimming portion I am use to swimming in the pool and of course race day it will be an open water swim. I had Russell swim in my lane the other day to get me use to people being around me and the whole time I was wincing hoping he wouldn’t knock me out plus some of his water splashed in my mouth so I am thinking my swim time will be a slower one. The bike…lets just face it ..I will be slow! HA I have a little thicker of a tire,  straight handle bars, and I am not clipped in so I won’t be the fastest around by any means. I am thinking it will take me 4 1/2 minutes per mile but who knows! For the run I know I will be slower just from the tiredness of swimming and biking before hand and its the last leg…I expect to finish in 2 hours or a little less *maybe * just depending on transitions, etc…

Overall I am SUPER excited and SUPER nervous! I don’t care if I am the last one because I NEVER thought I would even participate in one! SO I am all in this for the fun and exercise! I use to say I would never run a half marathon or compete in a triathlon… NEVER SAY NEVER!!! Maybe I can talk some of you into competing as well, just maybe I will 😉 

 I will leave you with Green Eggs and Ham – Try it, Try it, you MAY LIKE IT!!!   Stop being Sam’s friend and saying you don’t like it or can’t ever like it without even trying it first!


Moving Comforts Juno Sports Bra (MY BFF)



6 thoughts on “Try it, Try it, YOU MAY LIKE IT!!! NEVER SAY NEVER!

  1. lol! The things that we have to consider! I was laughing because I was recalling 7th grade sports and remembering that the girls were scary to me. I recalled one really tough girl, who was the sister of a boxer, and I swear that she had more facial hair than I did at the time. So, I was focused less on boobs and more on not getting my teeth knocked out.


  2. Go Rivers I have no doubt in my mind you will do awesome in triathlon!!!! So proud of you and so glad to have you as a friend! You are so motivating and inspiring its contagious!!! Love your posts keep them coming!!!

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