So you messed up today, who cares! Get back on track tomorrow!

da mo 46 Daily motivation (25 photos)

We all have done this! Just because I eat a cheeseburger and fries doesn’t mean the next day I should eat a piece of cake and drink 8 cokes, and so on! It’s fine to “screw up”! 1 day or hell even 2 won’t kill you…. It won’t completely mess up your goals! Just as long as you get back on it and do it soon! Don’t let that 1 or 2 days slip into 1 or 2 weeks! When I am at the beach on vacation I let myself go some. I have as many margaritas as I want and so forth but I do also try to eat a little healthy in there – like a grilled fish so that I stay somewhat mentally in the game. Take a day and don’t feel guilty – you didn’t gain 5 pounds in that one day! Just get back on it tomorrow! 



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