Happy Easter Weekend!!


We should all be thankful this weekend for what has been given to us. Could you imagine having to watch your child be physically and mentally abused then hung on a cross and watch him slowly die? Could you imagine letting yourself be treated like that and not doing anything about it? I don’t know if I would have had the courage to sit there and let people do the things they did to him without a fight. Jesus knew what he had to do so he did it with elegance and grace….I could never be so elegant and graceful. Both of them had a hardship to deal with…letting your child be beaten and spit on so that others could have a better life? Very hard and I don’t think I could do it. 

The other day I was thinking…well actually me and God were arguing- ha! I was saying..Well I don’t like the way they treat me…they are rude, mean hearted, and blah blah blah….You just don’t understand!! then a voice says You don’t think I know that?  To which I say…yes like a scolded child. You don’t think Jesus was treated that way or me??? You don’t think I see what all is happening and I am not sad? People have been mean to me, beat my son, spit on him, cursed him and me and yet here I sit still loving them. I do and do for them and yet they give no love in return the difference is I keep loving and giving AND you should too! FINE…I say….I get it..I KNOW!! I will try to be the best person I can be BUT I don’t have to forget! I will forgive but I will keep in the back of mind what they have done!

You don’t always have to “pray” to the Lord. I just talk. I talk like I would to my husband or mom…starting random conversations with him when I have time. Thanking him for the beautiful day and my handsome family that is healthy. If you haven’t spoken to him in a while this would be a great weekend to do so! You know they both did something great for you…..maybe you could be so loving and kind back to them.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the time with your loved ones and take a moment to spend with the one who matters the most!


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