Tuesday I ran my fastest mile ……9:57! YAY! I ran the 3 miles in 30 mins and 30 secs. Russell ran with me and it was  nice to run with him. We both ran quietly listening to our music, warm sun on our backs, and the wind blowing against us. I was quiet excited about beating my previous run time. I get better and better – just a slow process! It  helps to run with someone. When I am by myself it is easy to ease up on my pace or to take a quick breather but when I have a workout buddy I have to keep going! I can’t fall behind because I will make them fall behind! I have to keep going strong!

Find a partner to run or exercise with that is around your level. Even if you only get together with them once a week that is 1 time a week you will push it a little harder than normal! Workout buddies keep you motivated and going strong! Also be happy with the little things! My mom laughed at me when I said I beat my previous record! Yes, I have my own little records or goals I beat!! That is what keeps me going strong and keeps be getting better! I orginally started running a 13 minute mile way back in the day and over time have trimmed that down to now around a 10 minute mile. It takes time! I am just happy if I beat my previous run by 2 seconds! It is better than my last run!! Be happy and proud of yourself even when it is just little improvements! Those little improvements lead to beating your entire goal!

Go workout with a buddy and push just a little harder than your last workout! Give it your all! What you give is what you will get in return!




5 thoughts on “WOO WOOO!!!

  1. YAY, fabulous job!! You’re wonderful and such a hard worker and I love that you have your own personal goals!! It’s truly exciting to see progress!!! XOXO!!! Have the best day!!

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