Strong women don’t have to be a Ronda Rousey!


I was raised to be a strong woman. In the south women raise their women to be strong but to look dainty and as polished as possible. Yes we ladies can open our own doors, pick up heavy boxes, even change our tire if we have too but we don’t do it when men are around! Southern men do it for you **Gentlemen**.  A lot of people confuse strong with muscles and fighting but that is not the kind of strong I am talking about. I am a warrior woman within my heart. I may not look big and bad on the outside (I am lacking the Uma Thurman fighting power in Kill Bill) but I am a big and bad women on the inside. Who said I do workout and my chicken strips (as Russell refers to my arm muscles) are getting more toned but I am far from UFC fighter Ronda Rousey…which I am really okay with! I am not into all these large muscles on women- women look best with a little curve on them and not bulk or bones showing! Check out the women back in the day that were “hotties” – Cindy Crawford, Marilyn Monroe, Sybil Danning, Olivia Jane d’Abo, Christie Brinkley and so forth. These women had curves (yes some were skinny but not the SKINNY of TODAY with bones sticking out) they had hourglass shapes – which is lost in a lot of the women today because everyone is so focused on being a size zero! I LOVE my hourglass shape and I would never want to go past a size 6 otherwise I would start losing that shape that I love. ANYWAYS back to what I was saying…. Inside I am a very strong person. We are all strong in different ways because we are all different in life. 

I am strong for a lot of reasons. I stand up for what I believe in and try to do what I believe is right. I try to influence others and lift them up. I am confident in myself and what I stand for. I am hardworking and honest. I am sincere  and compassionate.  I am straight forward. I try to remain calm and collected when under pressure. I handle tough situations with the strength that is needed. Do I break down at times? YES. AM I PERFECT? HELL NO! Can I be a bitch? HELL YES! I say and do things I shouldn’t. This is what makes me who I am! I am sensitive and will cry when I am mad. I may raise my voice but it doesn’t mean I am not strong. Strong can have different meanings! Are you fighting cancer or a disease? Are you letting that disease or cancer beat you mentally? Then you are strong – having the energy to physically deal with the illness and then mentally not let it affect your life is STRONG! Are you a parent doing your everything to give your kids a good life? Then you are strong! Have you run a half or full marathon? Then you are strong! Have you had to stand up for what you believe in and fight off the haters? Then you are strong! WE ALL HAVE OUR STRENGTH! It may be different but we all have it. How strong is your strong?

 I am strong because I face real problems and deal with them with my inner strength. I am mentally and spiritually tough. Nobody can shake me or my faith because I am a warrior. I will fight to the death because I am strong and confidant in myself. 

What kind of strong are you?

We have punching bags, speed bags, etc.. in our garage so we also can do kickboxing workouts and interval training in the garage on rainy or cold days!




3 thoughts on “Strong women don’t have to be a Ronda Rousey!

  1. Where did you find pink boxing gloves? 🙂 My family has been mostly a matriarch family, since most of the men didn’t live very long. I admire the strength in my mother and grandmother, as both had to be strong to raise their families. I really admire that. I’m average height and build, so I don’t consider myself to be a tough guy. I think that my strength is is my leadership, especially when it comes to raising my kids. Having the mental strength to deal with 3 boys can be a challenge! lol

    • Russell go them from years ago for me! BUT they have them everywhere now! amazon – walmart! Mine are the everlast ones!
      Yes! DEFINITELY STRONG WOMEN! Leadership is a huge strength to have! Yes with 3 kids that right there is strong!
      You are probably stronger than you give yourself credit for! When times call for us to be “tough man strong” we usually are! I think the “tough guys’ usually aren’t as tough as they look (thanks to steroids, lol) AND emotional/mental usually gives us the endurance to outlast the rest making us tougher in the long run!

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